Natural Body Constitution

Ancient Wisdom with Modern Insights

Ancient Wisdom with Modern Insights Welcome!! To our blog page exclusively for Ayurvedic students. Ayurveda is a vast subject to study. You will find yourself introduced to many new concepts, principles, and thoughts during your Ayurvedic course. Sometimes it [...]

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Garlic and Onion benefits

Adding raw or lightly cooked garlic and onions to your meals may help keep you healthy this monsoon. Both foods appear to possess antiviral and antibacterial properties and are believed to boost immunity.  

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Cranberry Juice a Natural Antioxidant

Cranberries are at the top of the healthy food list due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. The possible health benefits of consuming cranberries include lowered risk of urinary tract infections, prevention of certain types of cancer, improved [...]

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Health Care tips for Rainy Season

Avoid getting your feet wet. In case you do end up walking into one of those puddles, immediately clean and dry them with a soft, dry towel. Dampness can lead to fungal infections and athlete’s foot. These infections might [...]

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Tongue Scraper for Bad Breath

To combat bad breath, consider investing in an inexpensive plastic or metal device to remove bacteria from your tongue. Some studies suggest that adding tongue scraping to your regimen may be slightly more effective at eliminating breath odor than [...]

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Eating out During Monsoon!!!

Eating out, especially street food should be avoided. Snacks like chaat, sandwiches, fried items, golas, juices and kulfis are very tempting during monsoon. However, they may contain bacteria which cause indigestion and food poisoning.

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Have a Balanced Diet in Monsoon

As digestion during monsoon is slow, eat moderately and only when hungry. Eating when you are not hungry can lead to indigestion. Vegetables such as bitter gourd, bitter herb like neem and haldi (turmeric) are rich in antioxidants and [...]

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Special Care for Kids In Monsoon

Care for kids Children love the rain and infections love children. Kids take maximum advantage of the evening showers on the way back from school. Hence, a hot water bath with a good dash of antiseptic is recommended. Avoid [...]

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