‘UTTARBASTI’ – Treatment for Gynec Disorders

Mrs. SK, Age – 35 yrs, wt – 85 kg, came to Charak Clinic at Pune. She presented with complaints of severe lower abdominal pain, heavy bleeding with clotting during menses. She was suffering from these symptoms for last 2 – 3 yrs. She was treated by gynecologists with hormonal and other conventional oral therapies. She had a female child with LSCS, now 6 yrs old.


Vaginal examination, per speculum showed a white sticky discharge with cervical erosion. Radiological investigations revealed multiple cysts in both ovaries.

At Charak clinic, to start with, patient was kept on oral treatment such as Phlaghrut, Chandraprabha vati, Tab Hyponidd,  Tab and Syp M2 Tone, Tab Sumenta, Arogyawardhini vati, Praval Panchamrut, Punarnava mandur, Punarnavadi guggul, etc for first two months. These drugs were given alternately and offered her a partial relief from pain and bleeding.

Further, when bleeding reduced considerably, the patient was given ‘Garbhashayagat uttarbasti’. This is an OPD based procedure where medicated oils or ghees are administered through cervix. In this particular case, the various medications used for uttarbasti were Kshar tail, Lavan tail, Nimb tail, Phalghrut, and Triphala ghrut. The procedure was done for 5 consecutive days from 6th day of menstruation for three consecutive cycles. Oral treatment was continued simultaneously.

After 3 cycles, 80 – 90 % relief was experienced by the patient. Her bleeding resumed to normal, no clots were seen in menstruation and she didn’t experience any low abdominal pain thereafter. Her radiological test was satisfactory showing reduction in size and number of ovarian cysts.

Patient is now continued on Pushpadhanwa rasa, Triphala Guggul, Triphal Ghrut, Swarnamakshik Bhasma, and M2 Tone Forte Syp for maintenance therapy.

The case is presented by:

Prof. Dr .Mrs Varsha Hanmante, M. D. Ph.D. (Ayu)

Consultant at Charak Health Centre, Pune

Helpline: 1800-229487, 9325690506

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    Dear Doctor

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    Thanks and regards

  2. asif ali says:

    i am 37 years old and my kidney transplant 9th dececmber 1999,
    for sexual problem erection & disfunction, no seman, kya hum Vigomax Forte Tablet use kar saktey hain, humari kidney mein koi problem to nahi hoge, hamar Serum Cratnie 2.2 rahta hai.

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