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Home >> Panchakarma >> Uttarbasti
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Fallopian tube blockage

uterine fibroid

Cervical erosions



Cervical Polyp

Infertility etc.


Urinary Problems of any type

Prostate enlargement


Neurogenic Bladder

Urethral Stricture

Incontinence of Urine



Uttar Basti is an important Panchakarma procedure for the genito–urinary disorders of both, the males & the females. Administration of specific medicinal Oil, Ghrit or Decoction right into the Urinary Bladder or Uterus is stated as Uttar Basti.



It is an OPD based procedure



Medicated oil or herbal decoctions taken in syringe is introduced with the help of  simple rubber catheter into the uterine cavity or up to the vagina.



Medicated oil or decoction is introduced into the urinary bladder with the help of simple rubber catheter through the urethral opening.




Light (liquid or semi liquid) diet is advised throughout the procedure.


This procedure should be performed with extreme care and with great skill.

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