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Home >> Panchakarma >> Valuka Sweda
Valuka Sweda
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1) Vata diseases


2) Joint pain


3) Swelling


4) Neuro muscular & skeletal diseases


5) Aches specially body ache, joint ache




Valuka Sweda is a Pinda Sweda and a type of Rooksha Sweda, helps in pacifying of both Vata and Kapha. It is kind of fomentation that stimulates nerve endings, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. 


Valuka Sweda is a kind of Swedana (sudation) given using pre-heated sand, made into bolus (potalis) and applied locally over affected part or joints. Clean sand which is washed and dried, devoid of gravel and other waste material is used for this purpose. It is heated and pottalis are made using this sand 


Light food preferably liquids and semiliquids.


Cures joint pains and specially beneficial for arthritis and rheumatism 


At the end of the procedure body should be wiped off with dry soft towel and patient should take complete rest for atleast an hour and then allowed to take bath with warm water.

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