Sneha Anuvasana Basti

Vamana is the first amongst the five detoxifying – cleansing therapies broadly known as Shodhana therapies. It helps in clearing the upper part of the body & is the best remedial solution for Kapha dosha.


  • Asthma
  • Acid peptic disorders
  • Skin disorders
  • Allergy
  • Psoriasis


Prior to Vamana patient is given external and internal oleation for 3- 7 days. After proper preparation, the patient is given a small amount of milk, followed by a specially formulated Vaman medicine and is supported by a large amount of decoction which helps in smooth emesis.After complete evacuation the Gandusha and Dhooma are used for cleansing of the tract. A special light meal is provided to replenish the lost energy.


Before therapy:

Before Vaman, one has to follow a specific diet which increases the Kapha like dahi (Yogurt).

After therapy:

After Vaman, the patient has to follow a strict dietary regimen with a gradual increase in the quality and quantity of food. This period varies depending upon the quantitative shodhana and can range from 3 -7 days.


  • Increase in appetite
  • Reduction of repeated attacks of asthma and sinusitis
  • Reduction of skin patches, plagues and dryness as in psoriasis, eczema & dermatitis.
  • Improved immunity
  • Reduction of weight
  • Reduction in cholesterol & triglycerides


Vaman is an intense and strong therapy which requires skill and expertise. When conducted by untrained hands, it can be dangerous and life threatening.

Careful preparation and post procedural care is a must. All procedural steps should be followed without any shortcuts.