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If your dream is to have an academic career, here comes a short guidance on how to build it.

What an academic career really is?

Academic is to be

  • a thought leader,
  • a communicator and
  • a teacher undertaking series of activities at the institute or university attached with.

This holds true across all professions including Ayurveda. You can become an academic and relish the benefits of working in a field you love.

Considering an Academic Career –

If you like studying literature, writing articles, essays and teaching, academia might be a good choice for you. It is you who can be the best judge of your own interests and strengths to make a decision at this career point. Consider meeting someone who is already in the desired field of teaching; for example, your teacher, senior colleague or a friend. They can provide you tips for getting started and guide you for the future.

Academic career can get you an opportunity to

  • work for the government or private colleges
  • study advanced degree
  • get attached to universities or private institutes
  • get a chance to take part in academic national and international conferences and
  • get a chance of always teaching something about which you are passionate.

How can you contribute?

You as an academic can contribute making a difference in teaching by instilling practical knowledge, encouraging the new generation of Ayurvedic health professionals and developing innovative ways of thinking about key concepts and principles of Ayurveda. You can be a role model for many and be the best source of knowledge to all youngsters.

What is the eligibility?

You have to finish your Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda to pursue a specialized course i.e. MD or MS, which is generally the education requirement for a career in academia. Post-graduate in your preferred discipline make path somewhat easier.  For example, if you want to be a gynecologist, you could major in Stree-Roga tantra. If you want to be a physiologist, you could consider the master degree in Kriya-Sharir and want to be Panchkarma specialists, go for masters in Panchkarma. The scope of Shalakya tantra (Opthalmology) and Shalya tantra (Surgery) is also increasing, post graduate degree in the respective field leads to a bright future ahead. Having the right degree ensures you and the institute that you have mastered the required information to pursue a career in academia. CCIM, the government body for health sciences offers many additional courses for students interested to specialize in the specific area. (List of courses will be provided in career guidance)

Career growth as an academic –

The path of teaching faculty career includes the journey from a reader to professor in the desired discipline.

  • Academic can represent institute or organization in various conferences, events and become a consultant to the pharma industry.
  • He/She can be a prime investigator for the collaborative research work with government or private organization.
  • He/She get an opportunity to deliver lectures/presentations at various Ayurvedic conferences/seminars at different institutes.
  • Most academics conduct original research like a dissertation, writing articles and books and then publish it. One should follow university guidelines on publication and keep aims high to publish in the most prestigious academic release or peer-reviewed journals in the related field.

Keep teaching –

Getting teaching experience in your specific and possibly related fields can not only make you attractive to potential employers but also help you master your field and round out your curriculum vitae.

Take away points –

  1. Focus on your strengths
  2. Outline steps you need to take
  3. Meet your mentor and get the best guidance
  4. Do specialized course in the interested subject
  5. Keep your goal clear

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