Charak Paddhati – A Healing Method

Charak Paddhati (Healing Method) followed at all Charak Clinics Provides Long-Lasting Results in Chronic Diseases

Charak Paddhati is a healing method developed by Charak Clinic after years of research and clinical trials on patients suffering from various chronic disorders like Arthritis, Skin Diseases, Respiratory disorders and Gastrointestinal diseases. Charak Paddhati encompasses the healing powers of Ayurveda and Panchkarma to give long-term results in all chronic diseases.

Charak Paddhati therapies focus on re-establishing the balance in the body and cleansing the internal pathways to promote long-term healing. Along with these therapies Charak Paddhati provide patient satisfaction and confidence by offering good quality medicines and diet & lifestyle modifications advised by experienced ayurvedic physicians, which hasten the healing process and give long term results in chronic disorders.

“Adopt Charak Paddhati for better and long term quality of life in all chronic disorders”


Charak clinic has been launched to achieve the following objectives:

To treat chronic diseases in the best possible manner with the principles of Ayurveda so that the patients get the best result

Modern science often falls short in the treatment of diseases like Arthritis, Psoriasis, Asthma and various other chronic diseases. With the long standing wisdom of Ayurveda, these diseases can be treated efficiently at Charak clinic. Patients suffering from long-term severe chronic diseases wandering dissatisfied to various health providers walk into Charak clinic with high expectations and are offered best-assured treatment plans according to their requirements by renowned Ayurvedic physicians at Charak.

To offer the best quality medicines to the patients

All the medicines provided at Charak clinic are of the best quality. The medicines are manufactured at our factories which follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and all the required standard quality controls. They are specially packed and delivered to the clinics to ensure that there is no contamination and a standard quality is maintained. Charak clinics follow a policy of total transparency and all the medicines are dispensed from the clinics to assure quality, thereby improving results.

To provide experienced ayurvedic doctors

Doctors practicing in the stream of Ayurveda have to be highly proficient in their system before associating with Charak clinic. There are a lot of expectations which make the patients come to Charak clinic.

To achieve high quality results with Panchkarma

Panchkarma is the focal point in the treatment protocol at Charak clinics. Panchkarma facilities are rarely provided by all the practicing ayurvedic doctors due to capital required and demand on skills and quality. To achieve best results for the patients, it is important to do authentic ayurvedic treatments so that the results are certain and long-term. Charak clinic provides good quality of facilities and trained manpower. The therapies at Charak clinic are done with caution and under the supervision of experienced doctors.

A combination of all the above activities has been standardized at the Charak clinic. Depending on the disease condition the patients get a customized treatment which aims at the best results for the patients. The term which describes these services provided by Charak clinic is – Charak Paddhati. The word Paddhati is a unique concept which relates to the entire disease management technique that includes holistic approach of nadi parikshan, individualised panchakarma therapies and pathya -apathya (Dos and don’ts) guidance.

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