10 Important Causes of Liver Diseases By Charak Pharma

Liver is one of the largest organs of our body, present in right side of the abdomen, below the ribs.

Some of the functions of liver include-

  1. Metabolism of nutrients
  2. Detoxification our blood
  3. Storage of fat, glycogen, proteins, and vitamins
  4. Production of bile
  5. Excretion of bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones

What are the causes of liver diseases? Although it is largely believed that liver disease is generally caused by alcohol, there are several other causes which can damage the liver.

Some of the important causes of liver diseases are-

  1. Alcohol- chronic and over consumption of alcohol damages the liver. It can lead to fatty liver which can further progress to alcoholic liver disease and eventually leading to cirrhosis of liver. Alcohol is the commonest cause of liver disease.
  2. Viral infection- viruses than can cause liver diseases are virus A, B, C, and E.

These viruses cause inflammation of liver, called as hepatitis. Of these A and E are common and most of the people recover spontaneously. B and C viruses are bad viruses. They can cause chronic liver damage.

  1. Obesity- obesity is defined as excess amount of body fat. This excess body fat accumulates around the liver causing fatty liver disease, which can progress further to cirrhosis of liver and liver failure.
  2. Drug induced/ over use of certain medications- overuse of certain prescription medications, as well as over the counter medications can cause injury to liver. Some of the hepatotoxic drugs are painkillers, corticosteroids, antidepressants. Hence, the medicine should be taken only when prescribed by a reliable and reputed prescriptionist like PrescriptionDoctor.
  3. Genetic causes- haemochromatosis is the inherited cause of liver disease. In haemochromatosis, there is increased deposition of iron in the liver.
  4. Autoimmune – in this type, body’s immune system attacks the liver cells causing inflammation of liver, known as autoimmune hepatitis.
  5. Smoking- smoking though does not have a direct effect on liver, the harmful chemicals in cigarette cause oxidative stress, which in turn causes irreversible damage to liver cells. Which is why opting for alternatives such as 180 Smoke herb vaporizers is a healthier option than smoking cigarettes.
  6. Chronic uncontrolled high blood sugar levels/diabetes- there is an increased risk of liver disease in the diabetics. People with diabetes due to insulin resistance have higher levels of insulin in blood, which leads to abnormal weight gain. These fat cells then are stored in the liver, causing fatty liver disease.
  7. Overdose of vitamin A- Taking very high dose of dietary supplements can cause chronic vitamin A toxicity. Can be due to megavitamin therapy, where very large doses of certain vitamins are given in order to treat particular disease.
  8. Chemotherapy- Certain chemotherapy drugs (anticancer drugs) when used in higher doses cause damage to liver cells.

Tips to have a healthy liver:

  1. Limit alcohol intake
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Maintain healthy weight
  4. Proper hygiene
  5. While taking medications, follow the dosage recommendations given by your doctor.

There are certain liver support supplements available to protect liver and treat liver diseases.

To sustain a healthy liver and cure liver diseases, the best way is to count on Livomyn, the combination of time tested and well-documented herbs designed by Charak Pharma. It is an ideal liver support supplement, which acts at a cellular level, thereby protecting the liver cells.

The key ingredients of LIVOMYN are Andrographis paniculata, Phyllanthus niruri, Picrorrhiza kurroa and Boerhaavia diffusa. These herbs in Livomyn, protect, regulate and rejuvenate the liver cells, thereby making it a safe and ideal hepatoprotective agent.

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