10 warning signs you may have hormonal imbalance

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers in the body and are responsible for many functions like growth, metabolism, reproduction and various aspects of mental and physical health. Hormones are extremely important that they maintain healthy functions in the body. Any irregularity in hormone production may lead to hormonal imbalance. Our body has various hormones like the thyroid hormone, estrogen and progesterone, testosterone, insulin and many more.

Due to various reasons like lifestyle, ill-health and sometimes genetic disposition these hormones can become imbalanced and cause health complications.

But body gives out all alerts when we go through some hormonal imbalance. Let us know 10 warning signs of hormonal imbalance in women

1. Period problems:

A little change in the hormones can affect the periods in a woman. Hormonal imbalance can lead to scanty or very heavy periods. Hormonal changes can also lead to irregular or infrequent periods, so you can have periods before 28 days or miss periods for a few months.

2. Fertility issues due to hormonal imbalance:

Most women facing fertility issues would face hormonal issues. Our ovaries release and egg per month which when fertilized after copulation leads to pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance can affect ovum or egg release making it difficult to get pregnant.

3.Weight gain:

One of the most common signs of hormonal imbalance is weight issues. Gaining rapid weight should be warning bells for checking hormones.

4. Unwanted hair growth on the body and face:

Hormonal imbalance especially in a condition like poly cystic ovary syndrome can lead to hair growth over face and body.

5. Pigmentation:

Hyperpigmentation over neck and face are clear sign of hormonal imbalance and can happen during pregnancy and menopause too, when hormones like estrogen and progesterone are imbalanced.

6. Low libido:

Low levels of estrogen and also testosterone (these are present in women as well!!) can affect the libido in women and also lead to low energy levels.

7. Mood changes:

Estrogen hormone when not in optimum levels affects serotonin, the mood elevating hormone leading to pre- menstrual mood swings and irritability and also during menopause.

8. Acne:

Acne is a clear cut sign of hormonal imbalance. It can happen during adolescence and even in adult women. Acne affects the self-confidence as it leads to scarring and pigmentation of facial skin.

9. Vaginal dryness:

Low estrogen is a prominent reason for vaginal dryness and affects the reproductive health of the women. Regulating hormones helps to combat vaginal dryness.

10. Hair thinning and hair fall:

Hormones imbalance adversely affects our crowning glory and lead to massive hair fall and thinning, leading to female pattern balding.

These can be corrected with a correct diet and lifestyle. Eating healthy and practicing a healthy lifestyle can help improve the hormonal issues. M2 tone syrup and tablets, from Charak Pharma are Ayurvedic, natural non hormonal supplements to correct hormones in women. Loaded with herbal actives like ashoka, shatavari, lodhra and more they make for natural blend as a period pain medicine.

Ashoka is well known ayurvedic tonic for hormonal imbalance and helps to balance estrogen and progesterone, the female hormones. M2tone tablets also have ginger, which is a well- known period pain medicine. M2tone is trusted over generations by doctors as a tonic for hormonal imbalance and helps to ensure good hormonal health in women to restore the period health, reduce cramps, correct mood swings and improve overall health.

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