5 Ayurveda Tips for Sound Sleep

A sound sleep has been a rare phenomenon these days. Stress, worries, expectations etc adds up to our anxiety and affects our sleep. Many people complaint of continuous chain of thoughts affecting their sleep at night. Adequate sleep gives rest to our body and mind and helps to heal. Sound sleep is important for improving immunity and staying healthy. 

Let us understand a few natural ways to improve sleep

1. Avoid sleeping in afternoon

Amidst lockdown many people have developed the habit of sleeping in afternoon after meals. It not only affects your sleep at night but also leads to indigestion and lethargy. Afternoon sleep can be replaced with a 10 -15 mins power nap so you feel fresh again without affecting your sleep at night. Making this simple change in your routine can turn out to be the best natural way to improve sleep.

2. Practice yoga and breathing exercises.

Yoga and breathing exercises relax your body and mind and improve your mental health. Pranayama and other breathing exercises help to control the breath and keep the mind focussed. It helps to control overthinking and gives you a sound sleep at night

3. Take cow milk with nutmeg or cardamom at night.

Having a cup of cow milk with nutmeg or cardamom powder is an age old home remedy for inducing sleep. Nutmeg and cardamom have sedative properties and they relax the nerves making your mind calm and stress free. Cow milk has compounds like tryptophan which is converted to melatonin and serotonin, both good for imparting sound sleep.

4. Head massage and foot massage.

Having massages is the best natural way to improve sleep. It also helps to relax your muscles and relieve pain. If you have had a hectic day, a head massage and foot massage followed by hot water bath is just perfect way to end your day. Massages make you feel good and release serotonin which in turn helps to release melatonin that induces sound sleep. You can use warm oils like sesame, coconut, olive oil etc for massages.

5. Burning essential oils.

Certain aromas from essential oils like lavender, chamomile, sandalwood etc have sleep inducing properties that prove as a relaxing remedy for inducing sleep. These oils having soothing properties which reduce anxiety and improve sleep onset, quality and duration. 

Certain herbs like jatamansi, ashwagandha, tagar etc also have stress relieving and neuroprotective properties helpful for improving sleep. These herbs are used in making of herbal formulation called Zzowin which is known to improve sleep and is trusted by many physicians.

These natural ways for improving sleep are better alternatives to try for before you consider a pill as a remedy for inducing sleep.

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