5 Easy Ways to manage your Body Pains in Summers

India is a tropical country with a fair share of sunshine in summers. The bright, shiny sun brings much needed warmth after the cold winters, but as the summers progress it can be become very hot and humid, affecting our health. Research has shown the evidence that weather does affect our overall health and can aggravate joint and body pain. The heat, humidity and barometric changes can trigger pain in the body and also the joint. Working in very hot climate leads to over exhaustion, which also can be a cause of pain in summer.

Constant pain affects the quality of our lives. But, there are ways to manage body pain in the summers and can be easily incorporated without much hassle.

5 ways to manage pain in summers

Stay hydrated: Hot and humid climate makes us sweat, leading to loss of water and essential electrolytes. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and healthy fluids helps to reduce cramps and pain. Coconut water, sugarcane juice and juices of seasonal fruits are useful. Remember to have fresh buttermilk once daily for reducing pain and improving digestion. Avoid cold beverages as very cold fluids and beverages aggravate vata element in the body leading to extreme dryness and trigger pain

Consuming healthy food: As per Ayurveda, the digestion remains weak in summers hence choose food which is easy to digest, cooling, sweet and infused with healthy fats. Recommended foods are rice, moong daal, buttermilk, seasonal vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd, lady’s finger and pudina. Avoid food which is stale, fermented, processed and loaded with salt or sugar.

Oil massages: Ayurveda recommends oil massages to pacify pain and inflammation. Weekly massaging self with oils before bath proves helpful in reducing body and joint pain. Use oils like olive or almond and keep yourself healthy and painfree. Massages help to detox the skin as well as improve skin tone along with strengthening cartilages and ligaments.

Exercise wisely: Extreme heat of summer can exhaust our bodies; hence Ayurveda recommends to exercise to half our capacities. Simple stretches and gentle yoga exercise will work well for all of us during the summer season. Learn to meditate to keep the mind calm and cool.

Conserve energy: One of the ways to beat the heat is getting enough rest to the body. Ensure to get sound sleep for 6 – 8 hours to stay charged, energetic and pain free.

Choose Ayurveda herbs tackle your joint pain. Herbs are Haldi and shallaki are the best ayurvedic medicine for joint pain. Go365 Nutra tablet from Charak pharma is rich with the goodness of shalai guggul and haldi and also fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin to fight chronic joint pain. It becomes a good Ayurvedic tablet for joint pain associated with arthritis.

Joint pain is associated with morning stiffness. Capsaicin oil, menthol and Kapoor oil are great in reducing pain and stiffness when applied locally. Go 365 ointment is useful ointment for joint pain as it reduces pain, improves mobility and keeps the joints mobile. Go365 ointment for joint pain is formulated with menthol, Kapoor, wintergreen oil along with capsaicin for faster pain relief.

Trust Ayurveda for sound joints and say bye to pain this summer.

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