5 Natural Remedies to Deal with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Many women can never escape from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). It is always that unwanted guest we for sure, do not eagerly wait for but are also left with no choice rather than to open the door.

What is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)?

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a basically a set of disturbing physical and psychological symptoms that occur after a woman’s ovulation (release of eggs from the ovaries), typically ending with the onset of her menstrual flow. The most common premenstrual syndrome symptoms include breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, bloating, mood swings, depression and change in appetite. Approximately 90% of women experience PMS at some point in their lifetime.

The duration of PMS varies among women. Most women experience the premenstrual symptoms for a few to several days in the week prior to the onset of their menstrual period.

Here are 5 natural remedies to deal with PMS effectively:

1. Exercise

Although it may sound weird but moderate exercise can help improve premenstrual symptoms. A simple brisk walk can help alleviate painful abdominal cramps and decrease bloating. Relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, pilates can help control mood swings.

2. Eat healthy

It is always desirable to eat right at all times especially when you are suffering from PMS. Be vigilant about what you eat and drink. Sacrifice your stubborn cravings such as chocolate, french fries, pizzas, burgers, etc. Avoid oily, spicy and sugary foods. Hormonal imbalance can cause cravings but stay strong. Stick with healthy, natural foods and drink a lot of water. Also, reduce salt intake inorder to avoid bloating

3. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol

Alcohol drinking and smoking can aggravate emotional as well as physical symptoms of PMS. Better avoid it rather than reducing the intake.

4. Restless sleep

Your body heals and energizes while you are fast asleep. Also, premenstrual syndrome symptoms can make you more sluggish and tired. Although it might be difficult to sleep when you are suffering period pain. Try to avoid caffeine intake and try taking ample of rest.

5. Try herbal supplement for PMS – Cyclease Nutra

It is not always desirable to pop up over the counter medications for PMS. Instead, you could try herbal remedy such as Cyclease Nutra. It is a unique synergistic combination of herbs & essential micronutrients that ease the discomfort in PMS. It contains well-renowned herbs such as Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) and Kumari (Aloe barbadensis) that are natural hormone regulators and support menstrual cycle. Shunthi (Zingiber officinale), zinc and manganese are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that help improve micro-vessel circulation and thus prevent cramping and period pain. Magnesium, folic acid, niacin and vitamin B6 help to balance mood stabilizing neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) to control psychological symptoms of PMS like irritability, mood alternations, anxiety and depression. Iron and calcium help to reduce PMS severity further by providing restorative support.

You know you can’t avoid PMS so be prepared to face with these 5 natural remedies.

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