7 Simple Tips for Sore Throat Remedies and Dry Cough Naturally

Also does your scratchy throat and dry cough make it difficult to eat, drink or talk? A sore throat remedies along with dry cough is indeed an awful experience affecting our day to day life. The inflammation in the lining of the throat or chest by a viral or bacterial infection gives rise to the pain and irritation in the throat and often results in dry cough. Sore throat and dry cough problem are triggered by common cold and flu infections, allergens, atmospheric pollutants, smoking, or acid reflux condition irritating the oral tissues. Although a self-limiting condition within 4 – 5 days even without therapy, it causes uncomfortable symptoms like pain and itch in the throat, hoarseness, difficulty to swallow, drink or even talk with added nuisance with sleepless nights because of dry coughing.

What do you do when you get a sore throat and dry cough? As a habitual practice, do you as always pop up an antibiotic? Well, popping an antibiotic all for the wrong reasons and wrong conditions has become a worldwide problem posing a health threat and development of drug resistance. Antibiotics don’t work on viral infections but risk us with adverse drug reactions, allergies, secondary fungal and bacterial infections with no benefit.  It is justified to use antibiotic to treat a throat inflammation caused by streptococcus bacteria. In 90% of sore throat and dry cough cases virus is the cause and therefore antibiotics are useless. The logical option is to strengthen the defense mechanism of the body.

Immune system is our body’s armor against the disease and infection. A breach in this amour opens the gateway passage for the virus and bacteria attack. Many diverse factors like environmental pollution, allergens in the air impair the body’s defense mechanism. Supporting and boosting the immune system is the best primary care in dealing with your sore throat and dry cough problem. Mother Nature provides us medicinal herbs with a potential to strengthen our immunity and correct the disturbed immune balance.

Do try out the following 7 tips to soothe your sore throat and dry cough problem

1.  Gargle with lukewarm salt water to soothe the throat inflammation and ease the pain.

2. Lick a spoonful of honey to speed up healing.

3. Take steam to relieve congestion and oral swelling.

4. Sip on herbal tea or a licorice (Yashtimadhu) root tea that fights off the bacterial and viral infection and eases throat soreness and congestion.

5. Drink hot soups to fight off your cold and flu symptoms. Besides soothing the oral swelling, also hot soup replenishes our body with vitamins and minerals to strengthen our body against infections

6. Try the kitchen spices like garlic, ginger, black pepper, turmeric, clove or licorice to heal your sore throat. Powders of these spices can be mixed with honey and licked. These spices are known expectorant that loosens and expels excess phlegm. Also, mucus as well as relieve inflammation. They enhance the body’s defense mechanism to fight against infections, both viral and bacterial.

Charak Pharma has formulated Kofol Chewable tablets, a herbal solution for your sore throat and related cough problems. Kofol chewable tablet is a combination of above potent spices and herbs like bhibitaki, cubeb (kankola), menthol and camphor making it an ideal ayurvedic medicine for cough and sore throat.

The versatile combination of medicinal plants, Kofol chewable tablets are available in pocket-friendly, easy to carry form. Kofol chewable tablets have a cooling and soothing effect on a sore throat and other throat related problems. It also reduces the intense cough reflex by controlling irritation due to a sore throat.

7. Start Extrammune course: Extrammune – the ayurvedic immunity booster from Charak Pharma acts in unison. To protect you from your next bout of infection, be it in the throat, nose, and chest or wherever.

So next time don’t just pop up that antibiotic pill but suck on the Kofol chewable tablet to soothe your scratchy throat with dry cough problem and start Extrammune to strengthen your defense armour!

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