7 Ultimate Herbs For Kidney Stone Treatment

Are you suffering from kidney stone? Are you facing recurrent kidney stone problems? Are you looking for natural herbs to conquer kidney stone without operation?

So here are 7 potent herbs for natural treatment of kidney stone –

1. Pashanbhed: The name of the plant describes its stone-breaking ability. The plant is capable of destroying kidney stones by penetrating and crushing them.  It is known to relieve burning urination, cleanse the urinary bladder, help in passage of urine and inhibit crystallisation of minerals, thus it is effective in treatment and prevention of kidney stones.

2. Gokshur: It is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for kidneys, promotes the flow of urine and thus helps to flush out stones. Gokshur helps in breaking down and dissolving the stones. It is specially recommended for urinary tract infections and has proved effective in relieving burning while passing urine.

3. Punarnava: The plant Punarnava acts on all important organ systems and rejuvenates them, giving a new life, hence, the name Punarnava. It is an effective diuretic remedy, helps to flush out kidney stones, reduces water retention, helps to reduce swelling. It is also known to reduce pain due to kidney stone.

4. Varuna: It is an important Ayurvedic herb that is especially valued for its effectiveness in the treatment of renal conditions, infection, and enlarged prostate. It interferes with the creation of oxalate-type kidney stones. Varuna is also used as a preventive medicine in the management of recurrent renal stone formation, helps to reduce inflammation during stone passage.

5. Cardamom: It is used to cure painful urination, nausea, vomiting, along with treating kidney stones.  It is an effective analgesic for pain and helps to reduce inflammation.  Additionally it also is a diuretic that assists the flow of urine.

6. Pomegranate juice: It helps to lower urine’s acidity level, thus reduces the risk for future kidney stones. It can help improve overall kidney function, as well as flush stones and other toxins from urinary system.

7. Cucumber: In ancient Ayurvedic literature it is claimed to be beneficial as preventive and curative regimens for treatment in kidney stones. It is a natural remedy that has obvious cooling effects.  Apart from that, it has a rich water content which detoxifies the body, neutralizes toxins and cleanses the bladder.  It is high in magnesium which is necessary for the treatment of kidney stones.

CALCURY: Herbal treatment for Kidney stone

CALCURY facilitates the passage of urinary calculi by diuretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Pashanbhed, Varun and Hazaral yahud pishti help disintegrate calculi. Punarnava has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Guduchi has anti-inflammatory action. Gokshur, Varun in CALCURY also maintain crystalloid-colloid balance and prevent recurrence.

So, try these herbal remedies to ease kidney stone problem naturally.

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