8 Things you should know about arthritis

8 Things you should know about arthritis


8 Things you should know about arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common joint comfort due to inflammation in the joints. It affects more than 180 million people in India – prevalence higher than many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension etc. Around 14% of the Indian population seeks a medical attention every year for this joint disease. It affects more women than men, especially osteoarthritis. Ayurveda has a lot to offer in healing it with multiple herbal and nutraceutical medicine which provide relief from joint pain and stiffness. Ayurveda medicine for joint pain is most trusted and sought after, since Ayurveda soothes pain and corrects the root cause. But before solutions, let’s get few facts for a proper understanding of the disease.

Important facts about arthritis

Arthritis hurts:
Since it is an inflammation of joint, it causes varying degrees of joint pain, stiffness and discomfort affecting the joint functions

It’s not just knee pain:
Arthritis can affect every joint like elbow, hips, toes, back and even shoulders. The chronic pain can affect quality of life and daily routine work.

It has many types:
Yes, arthritis has almost 100 different types. Most common ones are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and gout. Osteoarthritis is mostly related to the ageing process which leads to joint wear and tear and mostly affects weight bearing joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune condition which leads to joint inflammation and pain and can affect at any stage in life and needs life-long supportive therapy.

Season change increases pain:
As per Ayurveda cold weather aggravates pain in arthritis. During monsoon and winter, the cold air and some humidity triggers pain receptors or vayu element leading to painful joints. Application of ayurvedic ointment for joint pain like Go365 which is infused with nilgiri and capsaicin oil warms the joint, improves blood circulation and helps reduce pain.

Injury is a risk factor:
Youngsters with recurrent knee or joint injury are more prone to developing early osteoarthritis. Avoiding injury improve joint health.

What you eat can flare up arthritis:
Eating dry, stale, fermented and processed foods can flare up joint pain as it leads to pain, inflammation and degeneration of cartilage by producing free radicals. Poor diet also affects immunity which can flare up rheumatoid arthritis. Excessively spicy and oily food rich in protein can cause uric acid build up leading to gouty arthritis too. So be careful about your diet.

Kids can get arthritis too!!
Rheumatoid arthritis, the auto immune type of arthritis can affect young children and need constant medicine and physiotherapy. Strangely, more girls suffer from rheumatoid than boys. Symptoms like joint pain, swelling are sometimes overlooked. These kids can also have fever, enlarged lymph nodes and skin rashes too. If your child complains of joint pain do not ignore it for long and seek medical opinion. Ayurvedic medicine like guggul, garlic can help in such condition. Rheumatoid pain subsides with ayurvedic ointment for joint pain made with wintergreen oil, nilgiri and menthol.

Staying active helps improve arthritis symptoms:
Restricting activity in joint discomfort may lead to more painful condition. Remaining active helps strengthen muscle and ligament. Simple walking and cycling are good activities to reduce pain.

Managing arthritis:
The most important step in the treatment of osteoarthritis is to stop the disease progression. The best way is to introduce herbs and nutraceuticals which help in preventing cartilage degradation. Cartilage is the cushion present between joint spaces which keeps your joint moving. Glucosamine and chondroitin are supplements which help repair cartilage damage. The supplements along with ayurvedic herbs like haldi and salai guggul make for a suitable ayurvedic tablet for joint pain in people suffering from arthritis like Go365 tablets from Charak Pharma. Using an ayurvedic joint pain ointment along with tablet amplifies the healing. Go365 ayurvedic ointment is one such essential in your first aid box.

Take care of your joints so that you remain active and on the Go,365 days of the year!

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