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9 Definite Tips to Reduce Extra Kilos with Ease

In today’s world, with all kinds of ready-to-eat and junk foods available, it’s difficult to refrain from putting over those extra kilos round your waist. We all enjoy burgers, pizzas, coke at the start. But, when we stand in front of the mirror, we experience the greatest shock of our lives. We realize that the junk food relished has bloated up our body like a balloon. With the fear of further blowing up, we look out for ways to reduce our weight immediately.

So, in order to cut down on those extra kilos, we should know the causes that lead to obesity. One of the major reasons that are difficult to avoid is overeating. How many of us are able to resist the chocolate cakes, brownie, and pastries and avoid second serving during parties? Many people complain that they have no control over their eating. When it comes to food, they eat like there’s no tomorrow. Another major reason contributing to obesity is sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise. Many of us fail to realize that we have to sweat out those extra fats and carbs in order to reduce weight. Sometimes, we do understand the importance of exercise but find it hard to practice. Other reasons include hereditary and metabolic disorders. Moreover, obesity leads to various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, depression and many more.

Here are few simple tips to get back your weight to normal:

  1. Don’t be greedy:When in social gatherings or while attending late night parties, instead of eating 3 pieces of cake, eat one and relish it completely. During parties, indulge yourself more into dance rather than eating.
  1. Amend your eating habits:Home food is the best solution. Avoid relying on canned food or junk foods. Canned food contains lot of synthetic preservatives that can have ill-effect on your health. It also contains more of salt that leads to water retention in the body. In addition, consume more of baked item rather than fried. If it is difficult to completely escape from fried foodstuffs, then use frying oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids and poly unsaturated fatty acids that lower your cholesterol levels such as sunflower or rice bran oil.


  1. Go green, go natural: Incorporate more of leafy vegetables rather than burgers when hungry. Always carry along with you a box full of sliced fruits, fresh salads and a pouch full of dry fruits. These are healthier options compared to your junk food in terms of nutritive value and regulate your weight, too.


  1. Always keep on eating: That’s great news, isn’t it? You don’t have to skip meals. You have to keep on eating every 2 hours. But the point is what all can you eat? Firstly, strictly avoid foods loaded with cheese, sugars, salt and most importantly fats. Instead, eat more of boiled chicken and egg white, green leafy vegetables and fruits. Your diet is incomplete without water. Drink plenty of water every day.


  1. Get adequate and sound sleep: Improper or lack of sleep hampers your metabolism, increases sugar and carb cravings resulting in increased food intake. That’s why you must prioritize sleep so you get daily eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Read more at 


  1. Overcome stress: Stress can affect your overall health. It may lead to fluctuations in insulin levels and various hormones. Excess stress can also affect your sleep tremendously. This strongly signals that stress is one of the major causative factors for obesity and needs to be controlled. Eliminating stress completely might surely be difficult but yoga, meditation and exercise can assist in managing stress. Read more at


  1. Never skip your breakfast: Start your day with a complete power packed breakfast. Eating protein rich food along with some amounts of fats and carbohydrates will naturally reduce your food cravings. You will experience a full tummy all throughout the day, indeed a successful way to ensure weight loss.


  1. Exercise daily:Give up your sedentary lifestyle. If going to gym or taking a daily walk in the morning is unfeasible, try walking 10 minutes daily whether in your office, while heading to your office or walking through stairs rather than lift. When on bed, try doing some lying exercises or when sitting in your office practice some sitting exercises.
  1. Drive away your hunger with Obenyl nutra:

Obenyl nutra – An anti-obesity dietary supplement, is a unique combination of nutraceuticals & phytomedicines to support obesity management. It helps to suppress appetite by modulating brain chemicals that controls hunger. It contains herbs such as Kokum (Garcinia indica) and Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera) that control appetite, induce satiety (feeling of fullness) and reduce cravings and Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) along with other nutrients like Taurine, Conjugate linoleic acid, Biotin helps to burn fat and generate energy.

Follow these simple tips; stay loyal towards your lifestyle modifications and daily use Obenyl Nutra to normalize your weight with ease.

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