Benefits of Regular Exercising with PCOS

The role of exercise in PCOS is highly underestimated. Whereas, in reality, regular exercise not only helps in burning the calories but also exerts a powerful therapeutic effect on all the elements of PCOS.

Some women, however find it convenient to just limit the calories, they don’t like to exercise. This is not correct, as exercise has numerous health benefits as compared to only calorie restrictions.

Most common question which arises is, how and where to start with?

The answer is very simple; you must start with where you are. Do not think about the end result or where you want to be. Go slow. Keep small targets. It is going to be difficult if you give yourself big targets. For women with PCOS, there must be a list of things that you or your body is not able to do. So let’s redefine that. Start with regular exercise and soon you will have a list of things what your body can actually do, even though suffering from PCOS. Start slowly and gradually you may increase the duration and intensity. If you exercise or workout too much in the beginning, there is a fair chance that you may either injure yourself or burn out too quickly. Exercise in moderation; Ayurveda recommends moderation in all activities. Do not exercise or workout till you exhaust and start feeling the weakness. And do remember, exercise should be a part of your daily routine.

Do not keep big goals of losing weight drastically. Instead, you must exercise to gain the health and confidence. The benefits of exercise for PCOS symptoms will just seem as a byproduct.

Once you reach your goal, main task is to maintain that, which means that you need to exercise regularly even after your target is achieved.

What is an ideal exercise?

Exercise is not like ‘a one size fits all’; it varies from person to person.

PCOS is a chronic condition. You have to create a long term solution. And if you take the fastest way, and over-exercise, your motivation will sooner be destroyed.

You must protect your motivation for a long time. And hence, do not judge your starting point. Do it regularly. Even if you find time 10 minutes a day for a walk is ok. But do it consistently. You will feel good, it will motivate your thoughts, and gradually you will be able to increase the duration and intensity. You will stick to exercise schedule if you start exercise with firm determination.

The ideal or best exercise for PCOS is the one that you will actually do. Pick an exercise of your choice. If you choose an exercise that you don’t enjoy doing, you will have to force yourself to get it accomplished, and it may demotivate you. Find some exercise that you can do every day and anywhere.

Do not over stress your body. Ideal time for exercise is between 30-45 minutes, maximum up to 1 hour. Beyond this, there is a fair chance of injury, or muscle loss.

PCOS Natural Treatment

While exercise is the PCOS natural treatment, what works well with the exercise are the herbal supplements for PCOS.

You can try CYSTOLIB NUTRA, a phytonutraceutical designed and formulated by Charak Pharma. These herbal supplements for PCOS act as insulin sensitizer and ovulation inducer.

Ingredients of CYSTOLIB NUTRA such as Cinnamon and Aloe, improve the insulin sensitivity, regularize the menstrual cycle and facilitate weight loss.

Thus, herbal supplements for PCOS and regular exercise, can take you a long way in the management of PCOS.

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