How To Boost your Health Naturally this World Health Day

Bring harmony to your body, mind and soul naturally with Ayurveda

As human beings, we often fail to realise the extent to which our body works to keep us going every day – from morning to night. At each moment there are hundreds and thousands of functions being carried out by our cells and organs that promote our well-being. However, unhealthy habits such as minimal physical activity and bad eating habits can take a toll on our bodies and place added stress on it. In addition, any illness or disease is treated with harsh chemicals from prescription medicines that can result in several long-term side-effects.

These rising concerns and illnesses have led to a renewed interest in alternative treatments and natural solutions such as Ayurveda. This holistic practice for a healthy mind and body utilises the bounty of nature to balance energies and maintain harmony within the body, mind and soul. Interlinking diet and lifestyle, this 5,000 year old practice, popular in ancient India has proven to be as effective today as ever before.

Pioneered by Acharya Charak, who is also known as the Father of Medicine, Ayurveda promotes good health through nature’s solutions while also possessing the ability to cure severe ailments without any toxins or chemicals. The Acharya’s renowned work can be found in the Charak Samhita, considered to be the apex text and knowledge base for all Ayurvedic principles. Acharya Charak’s innate ability to understand the human body and develop a set of principles, diagnoses, and cures from nature, still continue to baffle modern scientists as the potency of these solutions is still applicable to modern ailments.

The Charak Samhita details the medicinal usage of herbs in various disease conditions. Elaborating on the use of each plant, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, Acharya Charak offers treatment for every ailment along with solutions that promote good health. In addition, his practices encourage a healthy physical, mental and spiritual state of being that do wonders for one’s mind and body.

However, obtaining these natural solutions is not possible for everyone these days. Not only are most herbs available only in specific regions, they also need to be treated and processed before they can be considered safe for human consumption. Bringing forward these ancient principles in their truest manner is Charak Pharma. The company has worked extensively on the principles and formulations given in the Charak Samhita to create natural healing solutions that are most authentic to Acharya Charak’s theories.

Recognizing the need for Ayurveda and herbal supplements across the globe for a wide array of diseases, Charak’s unique formulations combine complementary herbs in the right proportion for maximum effectiveness. In addition, one can also find extensive articles on various herbs, lifestyle and diet tips that promote good overall health without any negative side-effects on the website making Charak Pharma the trusted household name for Ayurveda in the modern world.

So this World Health Day, leave the toxins of prescription medicines behind and nourish your body with herbs and lifestyle solutions by Charak Pharma for optimal health and longevity of life.

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