Correct Your Body Posture to Prevent Back Pain

Does your stinging back pain worsen after prolonged sitting or standing or causing you difficulty to walk, bend, sleep and move round? Is this cruciating pain greatly affecting your everyday activities? Back pain is the one of the most common complaints experienced during some point in our lifetime. Our back is a complex interconnected structure of bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves lifting our upper trunk to give us mobility, flexibility, agility and support, which is why one must have a mattress topper for back pain to provide it with the best support. This properly aligned back unit works in coordination to balance the entire body weight uniformly and effortlessly. A back injury, spasm, strain, bone spurs, ruptured or bulging disc, arthritis and other degenerative bone conditions are the causes of chronic pain in the back.

Well, did you know that your poor lifestyle habits like extended standing or sitting, slouching, abrupt and awkward bodily movements put a strain on your back overtime causing backache?In the beginning a wrong body posture doesn’t seem to have any ill effect, but in the long run the repetitive poor body postures and movements cause abnormal wear and tear of joints and muscles leading to structural changes. Poor posturedisrupts the natural balance in the back unit, making the muscles, tendons and ligaments to work harder, inducing stress and tension, increasing the risk of sprain and strain, and constricting blood vessel to provoke back pain.

Remember your school teacher shouting at you to sit straight and not stoop. Well it’s time to follow her advice for its better late than never. Stop our desperation for back pain treatment and correct your wrong body postures and movements by following the tips below:

Stand tall and straight:

  • A proper standing posture is the one in which an imaginary line passes vertically straight through your body from ceiling to floor. It puts minimum strain on the vertebral joints and balances the body weight around the center of gravity.
  • Imagining the straight line, stand relaxed with your head in center, chin tucked in, chest out, shoulder blade back and down with your tummy tucked in as well.
  • Avoid leaning on either of the leg, instead balance the body weight equally on both legs with straight knees, parallel feet shoulder width apart and both hands relaxed on their respective sides.

Sit supported:

  • Sit straight against the chair back with relaxed shoulders and arms resting on the arm rest or desk, while maintaining the three natural curves of your back shaped in as ‘S’
  • While sitting on a chair or car seat support your lower back using a cushion or rolled towel.
  • Sit with your knees leveled to your hips.
  • Place your feet flat on the ground or support them using a foot board, avoid hanging them midair.
  • Avoid slouching while using keyboard or looking at your computer and laptop screen. Adjust them slightly lower than your eye sight.
  • Answer your phone calls by holding the phone receiver with your hand. Avoid supporting it between the ears and shoulder to put unnecessary strain on your neck and back muscles. Get an instant neck pain relief following these tips at
  • Stretch and move around at regular intervals.

Sleep on your back or side

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on the stomach, especially for the obese, can contribute hugely to pains or all sorts. Understand como perder barriga and you’d be astonished at how quickly a low-self esteem can be vanquished.
  • When sleeping on your back reduce the strain by supporting the back curves using a pillow under the knees.
  • Slightly bend your knees and place a pillow between them while sleeping on your side.
  • Support your back on a firm mattress and use a pillow or rolled towel to support your neck.
  • Never get up vertically straight from a back sleeping position. But always roll over on to your side, slowly raising your body upright by supporting your hand on to the bed.

Lift and carry with caution

  • While bending, always keep your back straight and bend at the knees and not at your waist.
  • Don’t strain your lower back but use your large muscles in the leg while lifting.
  • Always carry heavy objects by keeping close to your chest and alternate between the both hands while carry heavy bags etc.
  • Use both hands to carry heavy objects
  • Don’t over pack your backpack or purse and carry its load on both arms.
  • Do not lean forward while carrying backpacks.

Work on your body actions and movements

  • Avoid sudden jerky back movements.
  • Avoid hazardous exercises.
  • Avoid unnecessary twisting and straining to reach for objects
  • Practice yoga to promote good posture habits.

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So next time when you log on your office computer or bend to lift the heavy carton follow these tips and be safe!

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