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Dos and Don’ts for Chronic Joint and Back Pain Diet

People suffering from chronic joint and back pain try all sorts of massages and therapies, exercises, pain-killers and other medications but always compromise on food. Therefore, along with exercise, plan your diet properly and abide by it to experience the power of food. Besides keeping a check on your weight, eating a proper diet will promote cartilage growth, improve joint mobility and reduce joint pain and inflammation. Adopting a wrong diet can aggravate pain symptoms. What’s the right food for joint and back pain?

Foods to eat in chronic joint and back pain

1. Eat plenty of fiber

The major reason for joint pain is weight gain. Excess body weight puts tremendous pressure on previously compromised joints. Eating a diet rich in foods that contain fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables improves your digestion and maintains optimum body weight. Also, drink plenty of water daily and quit alcohol intake.

2. Veggies and fruits at your rescue

Eat plenty of fresh and green leafy vegetables like cruciferous vegetables which include cabbage of all types, broccoli, Brussels, sprouts and fruits like all types of berries and oranges that are rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They protect bones and cartilage from damage and supplement it with essential nutrients for cartilage growth and reduce joint inflammation. One such safe and effective supplement for joint health is Ostolief Nutra.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids

Olive, grapeseed, flax and canola oils, walnut and walnut oil, pumpkin seeds and fatty cold-water fish including mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that suppress inflammation of different parts of joint.

4. Use spices and herbs

Spices like ginger, curry, turmeric and rosemary are beneficial to combat chronic pain due to their anti-inflammatory effect. Ashwagandha and Guduchi are commonly used herbs as pain modulators. Best way to have the benefits of these herbs is use of Chropaxe, an herbal pain modulator. Chropaxe is best ayurvedic treatment for chronic joint and back pain that gels well with diet and other lifestyle changes.

Foods to avoid in chronic joint and back pain

1. Refined Carbohydrates
Cut down bread, pasta and other starchy foods. They help reduce symptoms related to joint and back pain. Instead, choose the healthier options like multigrain flour, unsifted maize meal, brown rice as a substitute for white or wheat flour.

Avoid added sugars, such as cane sugar, corn syrup or brown rice syrup as main ingredients. Avoid beverages rich in added sugars which include regular soft drinks, sweetened coffee drinks, chocolate milk and fruit punch. They are rich in calorie and add to your body weight. Instead, use alternative options like honey or sugar substitutes. High-sugar diets can also raise levels of chemical messengers known as cytokines, which induce inflammation.

2. Sodas and fizzy drinks
Carbonated beverages are an absolute “NO”. They affect bone health by dissolving the bone calcium leading to brittle bones.

3. Meat and Eggs
Meat and eggs contain saturated fat which when consumed in excess leads to increased body weight. Meat and eggs also contain omega-6 fatty acids. It aggravates arthritic pain and inflammation. Alternatives include poached or steamed fish, poached chicken, braised meat, as well as beans, lentils and tofu. Protein foods such as low-fat or fat-free milk, cottage cheese and yoghurt, lean chicken and fish are preferred over eggs, red meat, butter and full-fat dairy products and cheeses.

4. Omega-6- fatty acids, trans and saturated fats
Decrease the intake of foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids, for example vegetables oils like sunflower oil and animal fats and all foods made with these fats. Both saturated fats and trans fats can increase the amount of cholesterol in your blood and cause inflammation. Saturated fats are found in processed and fatty meat, hard cheeses, whole milk, cream, butter and lard. Trans fats are found in fry-ups, takeaways and sweet snacks such as biscuits and cakes. Avoid fast foods like burgers, pizzas, nachos, french fries, cakes, pastries, etc. They are rich in fats but have low nutritional value and can aggravate joint and back pain.

Why take GO365 Nutra Tablet?

Supplement yourself with GO365 Nutra Tablet. It is a combination of the best ayurvedic herbs used for joint and back pain treatment. In addition to herbs, it offers synergy that combines the benefits of nutrients and vitamins required for joint health to maintain its mobility and flexibility. Boswella Serrata is an anti-inflammatory with the goodness of Curcuma Longa which helps in reducing stiffness. Vitamin D3 and Calcium Carbonate helps to improve the bone health

Follow these diet tips along with herbal supplement GO365 Nutra Tablet and GO 365 Ointment to keep your joints happy!

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