Easy Ayurveda Tips to Enhance Lactation

Ayurveda Tips to Enhance Lactation

Breast milk is the best food for a new born and the easiest way to build a robust immune system of the child. A newborn should be breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months of the life and the mother may continue feeding longer is she wishes too after introducing some solid food. Many studies and researches have proven that breast feeding has amazing benefits for the mother and the child both.

Importance of breast feeding

As per Ayurveda, breast milk is sweet, cold in property, easy to digest, nourishing, wholesome, invigorating, nourishing and enhances strength and longevity of the child

Following are the benefits of breast feeding

For the child

  • Contains all proteins, vitamins and minerals along with necessary fats for growth
  • Protects newborn against infections
  • Prevents cold, cough and gut infections
  • Improves brain development and intelligence
  • Hygienic and safe food for the baby

For the mother

  • Prevents osteoporosis in mothers
  • Helps the uterus to contract
  • Helps reduce postpartum depression
  • Reduces risk of ovarian and breast cancer

Feeding a newborn can be challenging for most mothers as some have less milk flow and sometimes there is no milk formation at all due to multiple reasons like improper nourishment, thyroid issues and other medical concerns. While looking for ways to enhance lactation, Ayurveda herbs can play a vital role in nourishing the mother and balancing hormones to improve lactation

Ayurveda tips to improve lactation

  1. Have a wholesome diet

It is necessary that a new mom has easy to digest, warm, nourishing meals which provide all essential vitamins and nutrition necessary to improve lactation. Warm soups of moong dal, vegetable soups with ginger,black pepper, jeera added, improves milk quality and quantity and also reduces pain and inflammation.

Having porridge made of rice or wheat with almonds and dry dates also is helpful.

  • Hydration : Breastfeeding can be dehydrating hence a nursing mom should keep herself hydrated with water and milk. It is better to avoid chilled water and very cold juices. Having jeera infused water twice daily helps with digestion, detoxification and balances hormones to enhance milk flow as well.
  • Ghee: it is necessary that a new mother has sufficient amount of ghee daily, to strengthen her immune system, heal her reproductive organs and have healthy fats for better health of self and child. Ensure that you have ghee in every meal.
  • Be happy: Staying happy, ensuring enough rest and being stress free helps improve lactation. Listening to peaceful music and practicing pranayama also supports lactation
  • Herbs to enhance lactation:

Having enough milk flow to satisfy the baby’s hunger pangs are always on a moms mind. Ayurveda has many beneficial herbs with proven galactogogue or lactation enhancing capacity.

  1. Shatavari: A well -known lactation enhancer, it nourishes the mom, helps to balance hormones, improves the health of the uterus and increases milk flow and quality. Shatavari can be added to milk and has daily till a mother is breastfeeding
  2. Kalonji : The black seed, found in every Indian household is a seed with multiple benefits. Rich in Calcium, minerals and Vit A, D and E, it reduces pain and inflammation, increases milk in mothers and also improves hair health.
  3. Methi: Methi seeds offer multiple benefits. It is rich in phytoestrogen or plant based estrogen which is essential in improving milk also contains natural plant compounds which naturally boost milk production. It also eases back pain after delivery, improves bone health. A must for every woman after delivery.

Apart from them, there are herbs like vidarikand, ginger powder which also enhance milk flow and digestion

All these herbs and many more are present in Galakol tablets and granules, from Charak Pharma, leaders in Ayurveda medicine since 74 years and are well known for quality products. These granules are easy to take, just mix with milk and have it twice daily. Galakol tablets and granules are nourishing to the mother and boost natural milk flow to ensure a strong and healthy baby.

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