How Gargling with Saltwater Help in Sore Throat?

effective way to relieve sore throat

There’s something stuck in my throat and it is making my life miserable. Scratching in throat and dry cough make it difficult for me to eat, drink or talk. Well, this is the feeling that many with sore throat experience. In sore throat, irritation or pain can become unbearable. Apart from pain, difficulty in swallowing, talking, hoarse or muffled voice, persistent cough, sleepless nights in the throat are other symptoms associated with sore throat. Lets find out the effective way to relieve sore throat!

Sore throat is either the inflammation of the throat or inflammation of the tonsils. The most common cause of a sore throat is a viral and bacterial infection, such as a cold, cough or the flu. The inflammation in the lining of the throat or chest by a viral or bacterial infection gives rise to the pain and irritation in the throat and often results in dry cough. Sore throat and dry cough problem are triggered by common cold and flu infections, allergens, atmospheric pollutants, smoking, or acid reflux condition irritating the oral tissues.

In conventional medicine antibiotics are used to relieve sore throat.  But in 90% of sore throat and dry cough cases virus is the cause and therefore antibiotics are useless. Antibiotics don’t work on viral infections but risk us with adverse drug reactions, allergies, secondary fungal and bacterial infections with no benefit.  Hence effective way to relieve sore throat is more beneficial & safe for you.

There is a natural way that are not only relieves sore throat but also help promote the immune system as a whole so it can work to naturally heal the body. If you are dealing with a sore throat, then consider trying the following relief providing tip.

Gargle with warm water mixed with salt

A warm saltwater gargle is an effective way to relieve sore throat that you can easily add to your daily routine. You must do gargle for sore throat with a salt water solution will help draw out excess fluid in an inflamed throat, decrease the inflammation and ease the pain. The ratio of salt to water in a gargle solution can vary, but you can star with half teaspoon of salt to one glass of warm water. You should do gargle for cough with lukewarm salt water to soothe the throat inflammation and ease the irritation causing dry coughing. Saltwater can help relieve mucus out of the inflamed throat and reduce swelling.

Gargling with warm salt water actually does provide symptomatic relief — and it has preventative benefits, too. This gargle creates a high-salt barrier and pulls out a lot of fluids from the tissues in the throat area, thus helps in washing the virus out. The salt also functions as a magnet for water hence it is good for symptomatic relief. If you end up swallowing some of this salt water, then also it will cause no adverse effects.

A mix of herbs like Tulsi, Shunthi, Pudina, Yashtimadhu and Bhibitaki put together is a great combination in healing the soreness in the throat as gargle for sore throat. KOFOL gargle formulated by Charak Pharma is herbal combination that provides fast and complete relief from sore throat. Mainly by exerting anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and biofilm inhibition activity. This gargle for cough reduces the intense cough reflex by controlling irritation due to a sore throat. Shunthi in KOFOL gargle exerts analgesic action. It soothes the throat, aids to loosen up the thick mucus and clearing it out. Menthol has antitussive action.

A sore throat can be a nuisance, but with this handy remedy in mind. You can go back to eating and drinking comfortably in a few days.

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