Get ready to take on the monsoon season

The Monsoon is finally here to offer relief from the scorching heat of summer. The joy of jumping into puddles, sailing paper boats, the pleasure of munching on pakoras with a cup of hot tea is all so amazing during the rains. Life is beautiful and colorful when there is rain.

While the season promises to rejuvenate each and every living thing, it also brings its share of woes. It is often accompanied by health issues such as cold, cough, flu, poor digestion and diseases like cholera, jaundice, typhoid and dysentery.

So stay careful during the monsoon with these healthy tips:

  • No outside food for a healthy inside

Keep safe distance from street food like panipuri, sandwiches and pakoras, as they contain indigestion causing bacteria. Avoid consuming any kind of raw or pre-cut foods/fruits because they could be home to germs that lead to food poisoning. Never, ever drink water from outside. Impure and contaminated water can cause water-borne diseases like dysentery, cholera etc.

  • Bring color to your plate

Green and colored vegetables are a must for maintaining a healthy diet. They provide all the nutrients that keep you healthy and increase your immunity during this disease-prone season. But the weather calls you to be extra cautious while washing all your vegetables, especially the ones being used for salads. You must do it with warm salt water to remove the dirt. Also, it is a good idea to blanch the vegetables as it can help you disinfect them from bacteria and germs.

  • Drink and stay hydrated

Even though the weather is cooler, you still need to consume ample amount of water during the rainy season. Due to the high humidity, you don’t sweat too much, and hence it becomes important to consume lots of fluids to flush toxins out of your body.

While you ensure to keep yourself well hydrated, make sure that the water you drink is pure. You could choose to boil your drinking water to kill the harmful microbes and remove other impurities.

Also, swap your cup of tea and coffee with herbal drinks like green tea that gives you the resistance to fight infections.

  • Prevention, done best with nature

Mother nature prepares us to prevent diseases by bestowing us with a variety of seasonal fruits like litchis, plums, pears, pomegranates and vegetables like carrots, radish and fenugreek. So, include these generously in your diet. To get an extra shot of antioxidants and other medicinal properties that help you fight infections, consume Manoll syrup that helps to maintain your well-being during seasonal variation.

Also, start stocking up on Extrammune syrup/tablet to guard your family with Extra Immunity!

Yogurt should be the most important dairy product of your monsoon diet. It is packed with healthy, infections-fighting bacteria and hence gives your immunity a boost.

  • Drenched? Go for a shower immediately

Go for a relaxing warm water bath to disinfect your body, as skin and fungal infections are quite common during this season. We suggest Moha herbal shower gel, best pick to keep you infection-free.

  • Keep your house clean and pest-free

Make your abode a pest-free zone. Check for leakage or clogging. Scan through flowerpots, water coolers and other places for stagnant water. This would prevent mosquitoes from breeding and hence protect you from malaria.

  • Exercise indoors

If your exercise regime includes walking or running, try practicing yoga or pilates or some free-hand exercises inside your house.

  • Protect your eyes to enjoy the scenic views

Wash your hands as often as you can with warm water and disinfecting soap, and avoid touching your face and eyes. This habit will keep you safe from common eye problems like conjunctivitis, eye stye, etc.

So, go ahead and make this monsoon truly magical, with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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