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Good Night’s Sleep to Get You Supercharged

Isn’t getting up all contented, relaxed and refreshed from a deep sound sleep the most heavenly feeling to experience? True it is! A good night’s sleep can really work wonders for us. Sleep is an integral part of our daily routine that replenishes our overall well being. But we fail to catch up on our sleep in order to catch up with our hectic life. Our social late night lifestyle, irregular working in shifts, nicotine and caffeine addictions along with the overburden of stress keeps us awake at night affecting our sleep wake cycle and leading to innumerable sleep disorders. To be more productive in our work life, we give up on sleep forgetting that this inactive state is actually an important part of being happy, healthy and successful.

Here’s how getting the good night’s sleep gets us all charged up to face the competitive world.

Look beautiful: Sleep is an important part of beauty regime. Poor sleep worsens the inflammatory skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema accelerating the aging process. A good 7-9 hours sleep helps with a glowing complexion with fewer wrinkles, removing the baggy puffy eyes and under eye dark circles giving a happier and healthier appearance and enhances your beauty. You no longer would have to go through the process of getting  2 week contact lenses and wearing them because of eye irritation.

Feel lively: Our poor sleeping habits are responsible for our abrupt mood changes.  Lack of sleep often leads to mental fatigue, irritation, short temper, increasing vulnerability to stress, anxiety and depression. Good uninterrupted sleep gets us charged up with positive energies making us lively, cheerful and friendly to overcome the important tasks and enjoy achievements.

Learn more: During sleep the brain processes and rewires the neural circuit of our memories to store them more efficiently and effectively. Inadequate and poor sleep affects brain’s ability to register, retain and recall. A good night sleep improves our concentration, focus and remembering ability maximizing our overall memory and learning process.

Live healthier: During sleep, the body rests and recovers from the wear and tear restoring the vital bodily functions like metabolism, digestion and stress responses. Research shows that insufficient sleep complicates health issues and has potential long term health consequences increasing the risk of developing diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disorders. Sleep well for a long healthy life.

Be more productive: Sleep disorders like insomnia or getting up in the middle of the night greatly impairs our cognitive performance, attention and decision making capacity making us drowsy and lethargic. Lack of sleep hampers our creativity, accuracy and speed of getting the task done. Catch up on the quality sleep everyday to increase your productivity at home, school, work and beyond.

Get charged up: To recharge your mind and body sleep at least 8-10 hours every day. Get started this week to see the changes for yourself.

Think natural: Is your sleeping disorder keeping you up all night? And are you depending on sleeping pills and other sleep medicines to catch up on a good night’s sleep? Modern sleep medications are not safe and habit forming too. There is a need for a safe, effective and natural treatment for insomnia for inducing and maintaining sleep.

Try Charak Pharma’s synergistic herbal combination Zzowin and Luhra to induce and maintain sleep naturally. Zzowin is a natural sleep regulator that induces sleep by normalizing sleep-wake cycle. Zzowin contains herbs like Ashwagandha, Tagar and Jatamansi which are reputed for their sleep regulating action. While other herbs like Yastimadhu and Mandukparni help relax and reduce anxiety to improve quality and quantity of sleep. So supplement yourself with 2 tablets of Zzowin, a sleep supporting medicine useful in sleep disorders, covid seo about two hours before bed time to restore your natural sleep-wake cycle without any side effects.

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