How My Washroom Habits Wrecked My Social Life? By Charak Pharma

The first thing most people are likely to say about me is that I am extremely social and outgoing. For me, outings were not just limited to the weekends but were welcome every day of the week. As a foodie, I especially loved going out to new restaurants and cafes to explore various cuisines.

During my teenage years, sometimes after eating a meal outside, I would need to use the washroom almost instantly. Yet, as there were no other symptoms, I just shrugged it off. As time passed, I noticed this becoming a more frequent occurrence. What’s more is that literally a few minutes after consuming a meal, I would need to run to the loo. I couldn’t understand. It was more than just a stomach upset that usually lasts for a couple of days. This seemed to become a permanent feature with me.

Imagine the horror of dining out with your friends and feeling your abdomen distend as you eat your meal followed by increased pressure to use the loo. The first few times I would discreetly excuse myself or make some excuse and use the nearest washroom available. But after a while, it began to stress me out.

I gathered my courage and went to the doctor and she told me I have a condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. In this certain foods can irritate the gastrointestinal tract and cause irregularities. In addition, diarrhoea and abdominal bloating were common features. I was also told to avoid eating out much and stick to a balanced diet. I was extremely upset but decided to do what she said for the sake of my health. My doctor also prescribed me IBS relief tablets to help treat my condition.

However, what I wasn’t prepared for was the side effects of my medicine. I would often be nauseous and have a headache. After a few days, I stopped consuming the medicine and my body showed no signs of changing. I still couldn’t enjoy a meal without needing the loo instantly and my bowels were quite irregular.

My social outings which were once quite extensive were now limited to a handful of places, carefully selected by me based on washroom availability. My friends and family would often ask what was wrong but I just shrugged it off. The stress of my condition and the social isolation was also affecting my emotional health. I started staying quite low and depressed all the time. I also stopped eating as much which left me constantly hungry and irritable.

Then one day I began to scour the internet for remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome  and that is when I came across Stop-IBS by Charak. The name sounded intriguing and I decided to read about it. The medicine described most of my symptoms and further claimed to be completely herbal and natural. I was also excited to read that it was non-addictive and didn’t have any side effects like allopathic medicines. As Charak is a renowned and trusted Ayurvedic company, I decided to give these tablets a try.

After consuming them for a few days I could see several changes. I am excited to say that meal times no longer required me to deal with a distended abdomen. In addition, the cramps and bloating around my abdomen also reduced. But the most important, I could enjoy my meal leisurely and not have to worry about rushing to the washroom. This simple and natural tablet helped me return to my old self without suffering any side effects. As my physical health improved, my emotional health also got better. I was able to enjoy life and the constant discomfort of IBS was no longer a factor.

These days I am still quite social but am more careful about what I eat. I try and avoid foods that are very spicy or dairy-intensive as they tend to trigger my symptoms. Also, when home I try and stick to a regular meal schedule to help regularise my bowel movement.

I decided to share my journey with everyone today as I know how tough and embarrassing this condition can be. And it’s also not the easiest to talk to anyone about. But if you are suffering from IBS, be rest assured that you can beat this condition naturally. Identify your food triggers and try to avoid and reduce them. Also, don’t put yourself and your body through the harshness of commercial medicine, when an ayurvedic medicine for IBS like Stop-IBS can work wonders to alleviate symptoms like they did mine!

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