How To Relived A Beautiful Life With Natural Way?

Gyms are the best place to beat stress; or so we think so! For most of us we are motivated by the idea that this is one place that will help us lose weight.

Julianna thought so too! She was a regular at the gym and truly fit in every sense of the word. Often I’d catch her admiring her well rounded backside while walking the treadmill.

I glanced over in her direction as I wanted to put my mind off the machine and not look at how many more dreaded minutes I have to bear on that never ending path of rubber.

She was truly a figure to reckon with. She had her schedule well etched and sorted, dwindling between cardio and weight training.

Trying to fit in the space amidst so much that was happening in my personal life, it was nice to see someone who relished the thought of hitting the gym.

And then amidst having a baby and getting life back on track, I re-joined my now single most needed ‘me’ time at the gym. I was half hoping I would see Julianna; Jules for me.

A year slipped by and still no sign of Jules. I kept wondering what happened to her, she was the most dedicated of the lot. Surfing through social media and all other channels where I hoped I could re-connect another year was lost in eternity.

Heading back one day, as I crossed over from the grocery store towards my house I saw a distinctively recognizable face. She tried to smile, although I could sense that she was failing miserably. Moving in her direction I was overjoyed to see Jules again, terribly perturbed after having piled on several kilos.

I hugged her and after several questions she finally admitted that until she got married; (that was terribly late by Indian standards) and all was well until then.

The real trouble started a few months after that. Irregular periods, weight fluctuations, irritable mood swings and the once clear skin, was marred by acne sprouting all over her pretty face.

She looked bloated, but of course I said nothing about it. She put on a terribly constipated smile, worried that I’d mention any of the visible differences she had masked on.

Before I could ask her anything, she introduced herself with ‘PCOS’. ‘Heard of it?’ she asked. I had heard the term I said but did not know much.

Before I could question her again, she mentioned the positive side to it. ‘It isn’t all that bad now, thanks to Charak’s Hyponidd tablet she said. For a while she said that she had almost felt like a man, with unnecessary facial hair, was terribly depressed and as hard as she.

And her hubby were trying, they were unable to start a family. They kept visiting each physician they could manage to get an appointment of, hoping and praying that she would be able to see the end of the tunnel.

It was nothing short of a miracle when one of her neighbours suggested that she  should try herbal medicines as they are very effective and also have no side effects.

The neighbour was kind enough to introduce her to Hynoidd and Cystolib Nutra . Jule visited Charak Pharma’s site and after a few minutes of browsing through she was thrilled to find a remedy to her trouble.

She was introduced to Charak’s Cystolib Nutra and Hyponidd tablets. ‘And life really turned around almost three sixty degrees’, she smiled.

For the longest period of time I had seen Jules in the almost perfect frame and to see her now battling with her fluctuating weight pained me; although I was happy that she had found the right solution for her PCOS perils.

Herbal supplements from Charak helped her relive the beautiful life in the most natural way. She now lives with confidence and with her head held high. Thanks to Charak Pharma who helped my friend find her true self back.

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