How To Take Care Of Skin In Summer?

In summer, as described in Ayurveda, sun is the strongest and it increases heat in the body, which is one of the main reasons for skin problems. In summer, the powerful sun rays can lead to severe skin disorders such as sunburn, acne, redness, irritation, rashes, etc.

A blend of right herbs and essential vitamins is a must, to protect the youthful appearance of your skin in this scorching heat.

Several factors, especially in summer, affect our skin, making it unhealthy.

Sun exposure

According to Bergen County medical aesthetician, UV rays from the sun is the main cause of wrinkles, blemishes, sun spots, dryness of skin, and many other signs of skin aging.

Studies, in different parts of the world, have shown that around 80-90% of how you look for your age is a result of how much sun exposure you’ve sustained. Sun damage affects all skin layers. Sun damages your skin more than any other factor.

To protect damage- don’t spend too much time in the sun. Protect yourself when you are in the sun–especially since the UV radiation that reaches us only seems to be increasing, and the nutrients we get in food which protect us from UV exposure are decreasing.

Air-Conditioners (AC)

Due to increasing temperatures, the use of air-conditioners has increased tremendously. Maybe at home or at office or in the cars, we are always near an air-conditioner. ACs reduce the moisture levels in the surroundings, which causes dryness of skin. Also, spending long time in AC will prevent sweating- body’s natural process of removing toxins in summers. Skin becomes dry; it loses its natural moisture content, thereby becoming more prone to infection.

Tips to prevent your skin from sun damage:

  • Wear long sleeved clothes
  • Apply broad spectrum herbal sunscreen lotion
  • Use a moisturizer
  • Drink plenty of water, it will keep the skin moisturized
  • Do not use harsh soaps or cleansers
  • Apply Aloe vera gel to soothe dry skin

Certain diet and lifestyle changes recommended in Ayurveda:

  • To maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle. Get good 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Exercise daily, preferably outdoors. It will improve the blood circulation. Further, when you exercise, the body sweats profusely, helping your skin breathe freely.
  • Add fresh fruits and salads to your diet, they glow your skin

Majority of the skin problems have deep-routed causes. Use of topical creams or antibiotics will only mask the symptoms. To solve the root cause, you can try ayurvedic regimen. SKINELLE NUTRA Capsules, formulated by Charak Pharma, is a combination of time tested herbs and multivitamins which restore and maintain the quality of the skin. The key ingredients are: Soya, Sariva, Grape seed, Green tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E etc. These ingredients help to nourish the skin, prevent damage caused by sunrays and preserve the youthfulness of your skin.

So, adopt Ayurveda. Lifestyle changes along with SKINELLE NUTRA, will help you enjoy a youthful summer.

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