How To Build Immunity The Natural Way By Charak?

Life today is moving in the fast lane. That’s true for your entire family. You as the breadwinner are often so tied up with your professional responsibilities. That you don’t have the time to relax and take care of yourself.

Your spouse, as well as your children, are also under constant pressure with their own work schedules and other commitments. The stress caused by such a busy schedule leads to stress hormones working overtime in your body and mind.

This, in turn, results in impaired resistance to infections. Air pollution adds to this misery. Air pollution is not only a winter issue but a year-round concern.

It is not confined to Delhi but is widespread all over. This smog is dangerous to our lungs and the overall health. And the best way to deal with this problem is the natural herbal way.

Children of today are particularly vulnerable to recurrent infections of the respiratory tract. This is because of a combination of factors right from environmental pollution, variation in the ambient temperature outside.

And inside the home, increasing number of allergens present in the air at home, school, malls and other places, psychological pressure to put up with peer pressure, and so on.

It has been shown by scientists that diverse factors can lead to impaired body defense mechanisms because of altered tissue reactions to injurious agents. But, thanks to Mother Nature’s benevolence, plant principles are available to mankind in order to take care of the disturbed immunity.

For example, a plant called Tinospora cordifolia exerts precise effects on the way tissues react to infections. There are cells in the tissues known as macrophages. These are large cells that can devour injurious agents like bacteria.

Which cause frequent infections in children such as a sore throat, sinusitis, bronchitis, ear infections etc. Tinospora cordifolia offers a double action benefit on macrophages.

It not only increases the number of macrophages available for the body to fight an infection but also improves the efficiency with which the macrophages fight the infection.

It also improves the movement and defense mechanisms of white blood cells circulating in the bloodstream. As a result, your children become less prone to get repeated respiratory infections.

Tinospora cordifolia and many other herbs are formulated in a modern way in Extrammune. An immunity booster from Charak Pharma, who have pioneered indigenous drug research in India.

And are still leading the way after several decades of dedicated research and development. So, the next time, you see your child suffering from flu, cough and cold, sore throat or fever, reach for Extrammune.

And leave the rest in the able hands of Extrammune. You and your child will be happier with it. Escort yourself with immunity this winter, to combat the effects of air pollution and the environmental changes.

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