How to cure Gastric problems & acidity?

Have you wondered why many of us suffered through symptoms of acidity and heartburn after a wonderful hearty dinner or a jamming late night party. It is because of spicy food, the fried stuff and lack of sleep leading to hyperacidity. Later it becomes a frequently repetitive situation making us uncomfortable every now and then. Sometimes acidity gets so acute that person may need to rush to the hospital suspecting a heart attack. This hyperacidity is common condition affecting many people, even on a day to day basis.

We often consider our stomach as dumping bag and dump food as and when we feel hungry. Sedentary lifestyle, high consumption of fatty, fried, oily foods adds up to the causes of acidity. Acidity usually arises due to excess consumption of spicy foods, eating in excess, improper chewing of food and eating habits, obesity, bad lifestyle, drinking alcohol, smoking and stress. Some bacteria like H. Pylori are considered to be a common cause of hyperacidity leading to inflammation and ulcers.

In normal circumstances, stomach acid activates digestive enzymes and promotes digestion. Excessive secretion of stomach acid leads to stomach erosions and acid reflux. Acid reflux is the regurgitation of food and stomach acid into the food pipe called oesophagus. This causes severe heartburn, chest pain, abdominal bloating, and belching.

If you frequently suffer from acid reflux, the acids will irritate the stomach, which may advance to scarring, ulceration, swelling, or bleeding. This can affect not only your digestion and appetite but worsens overall health. In the long run, acid reflux may precipitate into stomach cancer.

Conventional treatment for hyperacidity includes antacids which aim at decreasing the amount of reflux or reducing damage to the internal lining from refluxed materials. But popping antacids every now and then for temporary relief won’t help for long period of time. They only cover up the symptoms so our need is to treat the root cause of acidity. Lifestyle changes should be the route you must take to provide relief from hyperacidity naturally.

Following tips will help in lowering hyperacidity, and reverse the damage caused by excess acid production.

1. Go for healthy food

Certain foods and beverages like fried or fatty foods, coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages, may trigger acidity. Also, avoid foods and beverages that can irritate a damaged internal lining, such as chilli, pepper, tomato products, citrus fruits and juices. Avoid such food and opt for a healthy diet comprising of cooked vegetables and whole grains. Eat slowly and chew well as digestion starts from the mouth only.

2. Follow healthy lifestyle

Eating meals at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime may reduce reflux of acid. In addition, elevating the head while sleeping also reduces heartburn by allowing gravity to minimize reflux of stomach acids

3. Maintain healthy weight

In addition, being overweight often worsens hyperacidity. Perform regular exercise and eat a balanced diet to avoid weight gain. It’s important to exercise at least for half an hour as it will help fir better movement of the intestine, preventing the acidity problem.

4. Quit smoking and drinking

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as it aggravates hyperacidity. As per a study, cigarette smoking relaxes the stomach opening muscles resulting in backflow of stomach acid causing acid reflux.

5. Get rid of stress

Work on stress levels as stress disturbs eating and sleeping habits leading to hyperacidity. Adopt ways to relieve stress like deep breathing, meditating and relaxing etc.

6. Prefer herbal options

Herbs like Amla, Mulethi, Shatavari reduces excessive secretion of stomach acids, prevents acid reflux and protects internal lining.

ALSAREX is a safe and effective option for acidity from Charak Pharma. It is a single comprehensive remedy and first choice in the management of acid reflux. ALSAREX not only reduces the acid secretion but also strengthens the mucosal defences. Amalaki in alsarex reduces the excessive secretion of stomach acid. Shatavari increases mucosal defences while Yastimadhu has anti-bacterial activity against H. Pylori. Usheer prevents the unwanted relaxation of the abdominal opening muscles while Oudumbar is protects internal lining.

Follow these simple tips along with Alsarex tablet of Charak Pharma to confidently counterstrike acidity.

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