How to Increase Your Hemoglobin During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience of womanhood. This is the time women need more attention and care. Low level of hemoglobin in the blood is known as anemia. Anemia in pregnancy is a major public health problem in India leading to health issues in the mother and the child in womb. For proper development of the baby inside a woman’s womb various nutrients are desired to be in optimal level in the mother’s body and hemoglobin is one the most important elements.

The normal range for hemoglobin in women is 12-16 g/dl. Hemoglobin is a combination of haeme which is iron and globin a protein in the blood which helps bind oxygen with blood. Low hemoglobin means low oxygen to the body leading to low energy, dizziness, fatigue and loss of appetite too. It is necessary to supply the body with the best tonic for hemoglobin increase which are of natural origin.

Natural ways to increase hemoglobin

Beetroot: Rich in iron, folic acid, vitamins and minerals shows amazing results in improving hemoglobin. It can be consumed as a juice or in salads. Beet root helps in increasing the hemoglobin count and regeneration of red blood cells

Amla: Amla is a well-known rasayan or tonic in ayurved and is known to improve immunity, help balance pitta and also improve hemoglobin too. It is rich in natural Vitamin C, Minerals, polyphenols and tannins to help improve iron and nourish the red blood cells in the body. It is the best hemoglobin increase tonic to be consumed by a pregnant woman in her daily diet for better maternal and fetal care.

Green leafy vegetables:  dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, moringa are rich in iron, folic acid and Vitamin B & C which are necessary to improve iron absorption and improve health of a pregnant women

Raisins, figs and dates: Not only these fruits provide energy, but also regulate bowl movement. They improve digestion and absorption of iron and other essential nutrients. Not only do they improve hemoglobin but also help bring that amazing glow.

Cook in iron utensils: This is the most underrated but most essential tips. Always cook in utensils which are safe and also add some value to the food. Cooking on iron tava, skillets and pan helps to impart some iron element to the cooked food. This way the food becomes more nourishing and helps to improve the mother’s health.

Exercise: Pregnancy can be challenging and may cause laziness and lethargy. Simple exercises under supervision help improve oxygen circulation and improve iron absorption. Exercise helps to improve maternal and fetal health too.

Have enough proteins: As mentioned hemoglobin is a combination of haeme, and globin, a protein. Protein is extremely essential to improve iron absorption. Have nuts, lentils. eggs and paneer for better iron uptake. Have boiled eggs, a thick bowl of daal and nuts like almond and seeds like pumpkin seeds for good protein.

Use natural blood tonic:

Ayurveda recommends many iron improving herbs and fruits during pregnancy. Pomegranate, amla, raisins, beetroot are all well-known traditionally as the best tonics for hemoglobin increase. Manoll syrup, natural blood tonic from Charak pharma is formulated with amla, beetroot, giloy, yashtimadhu and many potent rasayan herbs which are safe to be consumed during pregnancy, do not cause constipation and is completely natural. It helps improve hemoglobin level and energy in pregnant women. Enjoy this beautiful journey of your life with natural supplements from charak Pharma.

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