How to Prevent Urine Problems this Summer?

Are you troubled with recurring urinary tract infections (UTI) and fed up of popping those antibiotic pills to treat your UTIs? Are you afraid of the summer heat? Does your UTI worsen during the summer? Are you looking for natural healthy solutions to conquer your urinary infection during the summer?

Irritating symptoms of UTI are burning urination sensation, pain and frequent urination; most of the urine infections are not serious; however, lack of proper care and treatment may result in other complicated problems.

Drink enough water: Drinking water is the simplest bladder infection treatment. Water aids in the dilution of urine simultaneously ensuring that you are urinating often and enough. It helps to flush out the toxins, bacteria and other waste products from the body.

Do not hold urge of urination: Controlling your urge to urinate and storing urine for long time provides a breeding opportunity for the bacteria. So urinate more often every 2-3 hours and especially, immediately after sexual intimacy to prevent the spread of bacteria from vagina to the urethra.

Maintain personal hygiene: Personal hygiene is the mantra to lead a healthy life. Moist and damp environment gives an opportunity for bacterial growth, so keep your genital area dry and moisture free by wearing comfortable cotton undergarments. Always clean the genital area following urination and defecation in front to back direction to prevent the spread of bacteria from anus.Take extra hygienic care during menstruation and menopause with the help of products from Balance Activ. Also, change sanitary napkins and tampons at regular intervals.

Cut down sugary foods and beverages: High carbohydrates and sugary foods cause a spike in blood sugar and supports bacterial and fungal growth. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and avoid caffeinated beverages.

Boost your immune system: A weak immune system is vulnerable to pathogen attack. Strengthen your immunity with immune strengthening herbs, foods rich in vitamins, minerals to combat the recurrent bladder infections.

Use coriander seeds: Coriander is an indispensable ingredient in Indian cooking also possesses tremendous health benefits during summer. It helps to prevent UTI, burning urination and painful urination. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial activities.

Buttermilk: Take lot of buttermilk but be sure it is not sour. One may add sugar and also dilute it with twice quantity of water. Take 1 glass of buttermilk with pinch of black pepper or cumin seeds and drink it at regular intervals 4-5 times a day.

Try coconut water to prevent UTI: Its diuretic property helps to flush out the bacteria to prevent urine infections.

Increase vitamin C intake: The antioxidant vitamin C fights against the free radial and exerts anti-inflammatory action towards the infection.

Heal your urinary tract infections naturally:

Try Charak Pharma’s ALKA 5 syrup and CALCURY tablets herbal supplement that assists normal functioning of kidney, bladder and urinary tract. The synergistic blends of herbs for the urinary system in ALKA 5 syrup and CALCURY tablet, prevent recurrent UTI, promote normal filtration functions, soothe and aid normal and natural release of urine from the bladder during the summer. It also helps boost health of kidney and urinary tract by maintaining the mineral balance.

So, try these simple and healthy tips to calm your irritated urinary system during summer.

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