How to Treat a Cough from Coronavirus at Home?


The SARs-COV-2 or commonly known as corona virus is a respiratory illness that can range from mild to moderate symptoms which can be treated with isolation and OPD level treatment. While in certain cases, the severity rate may be greater leading to hospitalization. Even with the multiple mutations and variants, the most common symptoms associated with coronavirus infections are fever, cough and fatigue.

Dry cough with itchy and sore throat has been commonly associated with COVID-19 and has been one of the initial symptoms in case of symptomatic patients.

A cough can certainly be uncomfortable, more so distressing although it is just the body’s mechanism for clearing the breathing passageways of unwanted irritants. Let’s look at ways to take care of dry cough at home.

1. Gargles

This soothes the irritated / inflamed throat reducing the sensation to cough. Make sure to use warm water with honey or warm liquorice decoction for gargle. Using hot water can cause further irritation by increasing the inflammation. The Kofol gargle by Charak Pharma is a herbal, non-alcoholic gargle for fast and complete relief from sore throat and pain. It is a perfect blend of natural ingredients like yashtimadhu, tulsi, bibhitaki and shunthi which have excellent anti-inflammatory properties with no bitter after taste.

2. Herbal Lozenges

These are a good option for instant relief. Kofol chewable tablets and lozenges relieve throat irritation caused by intense coughing breaking the viscous cycle thus reducing the coughing episode. Having this just before meal can also reduce difficulty in swallowing and reduce discomfort.

3. Throat soothing ayurvedic remedies

• Having warm ginger and basil tea (1/2 inch ginger boiled with 150 ml water for 5-7 mins, take it off heat and add few crushed leaves of holy basil. Cover it with lid and let it steep for another 5 mins. You can add jaggery as a sweetener and strain it before drinking)

• Make a paste with 1/8 tsp black pepper power, 1/8 tsp turmeric, 1/8 tsp dry ginger, 1/8 tsp clove powder and honey as required. Divide this into 8 parts and have one part at interval of 1.5-2 hrs.

• Kofol ayurvedic sip is an instant kadha for relief from cough and cold. With goodness of herbs like shunthi, yashtimadhu, bibhitaki, marich and laung along with others, it is one of the best ayurvedic immunity booster and also improves metabolism.

4. Aromatherapy

Using humidifiers or diffusers with certain essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, cypress, ginger, tea tree or chamomile can aid relief from dry cough in a passive way.

5. Should antibiotics be a part of home treatment for covid cough?

NO. One must understand that Covid 19 is a viral disease and antibiotics are effective on bacterias only. However, if the doctor may recognise a secondary bacterial infection associated with primary viral infection and prescribe antibiotics. However, it should not be taken without prescription or doctor’s advice. Taking an ayurvedic immunity booster will be a better prevention.

Conclusion –

While we are successfully recovering from the infection, we are still unaware of what the long term complications can be. As it is already established that COVID-19 impacts the upper respiratory system whether its symptomatic or asymptomatic, it is necessary to strengthen the respiratory system. While overall good immunity will prevent being effected by the virus and help in speedy recovery, boosting specific respiratory immunity will help avoid any further complications which might be still unknown to us. This can be easily achieved by good diet, lifestyle and immunity syrup or tablets.

Kofol syrup

Kofol syrup and Kofol SF cough syrup not only gives relief from dry cough but also works as immunity syrup due to its unique blend of ayurvedic herbs like shunthi, tulsi, yashtimadhu, vasa and bibhitaki. These ayurvedic herbs are known to have immuno-modulator properties thus making Kofol best Ayurvedic Immunity booster. So it is not merely a cough syrup that controls cough but it also restores respiratory health after the symptoms of dry cough subside. The speciality of this syrup is that its an effect cough suppressant with non-drowsy formula and can be taken as a supplementary medicine along with other medications prescribed by doctor

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