How To Treat Common causes of A Sore Throat? By Charak

The upcoming festive season, along with immense excitement, also brings with an increasing amount of pollution and infections which primarily affect the respiratory system. One of the leading effects of this time is a sore throat. While not a serious condition, the discomfort caused by this condition can have most people rushing to the doctor for a prescription pill to soothe the pain. However, as it is typically caused by a virus or irritant, natural remedies for sore throat are the best and safest treatment option.

Common causes of sore throat

Most cases of sore throat or caused by a minor lifestyle or environmental condition and does not require strong medication. However, in case the condition is persistent or extremely painful, a doctor’s consultation is advisable. Common causes for a sore throat include:

  • Bacterial or viral infection
  • Exposure to toxins or irritants in the air
  • Inflammation in the vocal chords
  • Cold or flu
  • Consumption of cold or frozen food
  • Smoking and other tobacco consumption

Along with pain while swallowing, a sore throat can also include a burning or scratching sensation in the throat. In some cases, this may be accompanied by a cold, cough or fever based on the infection. In most cases, individuals with a sore throat are known to immediately pop cold pills to alleviate the symptoms. In some cases, people are even encouraged to take strong anti-allergic and anti-biotics to deal with the symptoms.

However, all these medicines have negative side effects that can affect the body. In addition, they often provide temporary relief but the instant the individual is exposed to the irritant again, the cycle is repeated. This constant intake of medicines and falling ill frequently can have severe long term consequences on the overall health and immune system of a person. Instead, there are several natural and herbal treatments for sore throat that can help relieve the pain as well as treat the cause for longer effect.

Natural solutions with Graggle

Some of the best herbs and solutions to treat a sore throat include:

Tulsi (Ocimum scantum): Also known as the Holy Basil, the Tulsi plant is one of the most revered plants in Ayurveda. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help treat the infection as well as provide relief from pain. In addition, this leave is also known to boost immunity and fight germs.

Bhibitaki (Terminalia belerica): This herb is a powerful antiseptic and astringent properties and is widely used to treat bronchial issues. It is a natural expectorant and tonic helping with a sore throat immediately. In addition, it also works wonders for people with asthma, sinus infections, tonsillitis and other bronchial conditions.

Shunthi (Zingiber officinale): Another potent herb, Shunthi instantly soothes the throat and relieves pain and discomfort. The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling in the vocal chords while also fighting the toxins in the throat to cure the overall condition.

Combining all these herbs and more is Charak’s Graggle. This natural gargle is non-alcoholic and chemical free, making it safe for everyone including children. Not only does it help combat pain and discomfort instantly but also eliminates germs and soothes the throat. Commercial gargle solutions are largely medicated that often take longer to function while also causing potential side effects.

Further, a lot of times individuals resort to cough syrups and expectorants for sore throat that induce sleep and worsen the discomfort. In addition, the presence of chemicals in the syrup can make it unsafe for children or people with an underlying health condition. Instead, Graggle is completely herbal and the best natural treatment for sore throat without any negative consequences on your health.

Care tips to avoid sore throat

Avoid exposure to pollution: As the toxins in the air increase, be careful to reduce exposure to these irritants. Use a mask when outside and always clean your hands before eating or drinking to avoid interaction with germs.

Avoid extremely hot or cold foods: Drinking a very hot beverage or having a chilled drink can harm the throat, especially if one is susceptible. Avoid extreme temperatures to lessen the stress on your throat.

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