I’m 35 and I still have problems dealing with my periods. For my 8-year old, it’s much worse.

As a woman, you probably remember all the details of how you got your first period – when and where it started, and how you were treated. Many of us wish we were treated differently or we were a little more prepared for the visit. In today’s ever evolving world, many factors are now responsible for the early menstruation experienced by young ones of ages 7-9. It can be a really emotionally and mentally difficult period for a girl this young to cope with the changes she is experiencing. However, there is still reason to be hopeful.

From my experience in handling a similar situation with my daughter, there are a few tips that can help you provide the maximum support your young one needs to scale through this demanding period. Before the tips to help you provide the needed assistance for your daughter, it would be ideal to be well informed about what to expect.

Girls, especially younger ones have many fears and misconceptions about menstruation. It is important to allay such fears so your daughter is better able to cope with her menstrual demands. In most cases, girls develop breasts before the menstruation period – irrespective of the age. When you notice such development, it is best to begin discussing the concept of menstruation and what she should expect as she grows. Other signs of early menstruation could include pubic hair development, rapid or spurt growth, and mature body odor.

Good preparation is crucial, but you must not sound too technical so you do not scare your young one. You could start by saying something like: “Every girl has a reproductive system and this system helps them to make babies when you are older. As you grow, this part of your body will develop, there will be blood and it could look not-so-good when it comes out. You would also have a really bad attitude when this happens but trust me, we will all understand. You will be able to cope – and be sure I am here to help”.

Even when I prepared my daughter well enough ahead of her menstrual period, it was still difficult for her to adapt to her new situation. The aches, pains and mood swings were a problem for her to cope with at first. M2-Tone EM was the perfect herbal remedy at the right time for my daughter. It helped her cope just fine with all the challenges of the early menarche. The herbal support M2-Tone EM helps to regularize the menstrual cycles, prevent pain, improve the mood of the young one and even minimizes the risk of long-term development of acne.

In this day and age where nutrition, lifestyle and the environment is undergoing rapid change, it is best to look out for your young ones – your daughters. You can only be successful if you take action on time. It is possible for your little one to experience menstruation at a tender age and cope with it successfully. It all depends on you – on how much you care.


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