KOFOL- Ayurvedic Throat Care from Charak Pharma having Leadership for past 70-years

Seasonal throat infections and immunity:

Seasonal changes have a direct impact on everyone and for some they might not be very pleasant. The changing temperatures, affects our immunity. As we say bye to winters and welcome spring, we also welcome seasonal temperature fluctuations. The sudden advent of heat eventually leads to allergies, which may result incough and coldin adults as well as children. Atmospheric pollution adds to the woes.

Seasonal changes also increase the chances of viral infections which can result in cough, cold and sometimes even fever. Even after the infection settles, sometimes persistent irritating cough and soreness in the throatremains. Usually people with low immunity suffer most with seasonal flus.

Ways to deal with seasonal throat infections naturally:

As always said, Prevention is better than cure.

  • Keep yourself warm and well covered for protection from cold
  • Eat healthy, warm and nourishing food
  • Try and exercise daily
  • Reduce stress as too much stress lowers immunity
  • Try natural remedies to build immunity

Herbs like ginger, black pepper, mulethi are excellent in warding off cold and sore throat naturally. The regular kitchen spice like  turmeric mixed with honey forms a wonderful anti-allergiccough formulation to help you get some relief from cold. Decoction made of tulsi, ginger and honey is also beneficial and helpssoothe the throat.

Soothe the cough with KOFOL

Life would be much easier if all these beneficial herbs were found in one formulation to relieve seasonal cough and sore throat problems.  An Ayurvedic remedy for cough and throat irritation is Kofol syrup and Kofol chewable tablets which incorporate the goodness of Yashtimadhu, Turmeric, Dry ginger, Kapur and clove which helps provide quick relief from the symptoms of cold, cough and sore throat.The herbs like clove and Kapursoothe the throat and relieve nasal passages. Turmeric helps reduce inflammation and fights allergies. Kofol syrup and chewable tablets reduce cough bouts and provides sound sleep. The herbs in Kofol help raise immunity and reduce mucus production. Kofol gargle with Alum, Tulsi and Menthol reduces throat pain. A multibeneficial formulation, Kofol is suitable for adults as well as kids. Kofol range of throat care comes from the house of Charak, which is a trusted name amongst doctors since 70 years for the quality, safety and efficacy of proprietary Ayurvedic medicine

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