Natural tips to improve Liver Health

Tips to Improve Liver Health

The routine after Covid-19 outbreak has changed resulting into new lifestyle pattern. You can relate by looking after your daily work from home which has made us so lazy that the functioning of the body has also got hampered in many ways.

Let’s talk about the current scenario of the people causing liver troubles. Before taking any medicine, a person would think about the side effect which ultimately relate to the liver damage! But it’s not always the medicines which hamper your liver, you yourself is more responsible for the liver damage through the daily routine.

Give a minute and think about your daily activities to know this topic better. Late mornings with irregular food habits, munching fried food entire day, drinking less water, alcohol intake and the outings which gives you exposure to different viral infections, bacterial infections, are the most recent causes of acute liver damage.

The damaged liver functions as a silent killer. Researchers also say 90% people are not aware that they are suffering from viral hepatitis like disorders. Usually the symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea, general fatigue are ignored and seriousness comes after diagnosis. But these symptoms can make the life miserable by showing a huge impact on the liver health.

But do you know, liver does a lot to keep you healthy. It is one of the largest organ in the body which plays an important role in the digestion and metabolism. Liver has an ultimate power to rejuvenate by himself at times. It also helps to break down (metabolize) medicines in the blood into simpler form that are easier for the body. It fights back the infections by stimulating immune factors in the blood stream along with regulating the clotting factors.

Liver is well known as the powerhouse of the body because it stores essential nutrients required for normal functioning of the body. It metabolises the excess glucose from the bloodstream and stores in the form of glycogen. That means if you are starving, Liver is the organ which gives you strength to survive. One of the important function of the liver is to secrete bile. It is a fluid which helps in the digestion of food we take. The Bile secreted from liver helps to break down the fats, preparing them for further digestion and absorption. It is also responsible to offload the toxins.

These functions of the liver keep your body healthy.

If the liver becomes lazy, it does not function well, resulting into the conditions like hepatitis, fatty liver, jaundice, non-alcoholic fatty liver and alcoholic fatty liver in case of the alcohol history.

Now the question arises how can we keep the liver healthy?

  • Avoid over eating, aerated drinks, high calorie diet
  • Restrict alcohol consumption
  • Avoid non prescribed medications, extra vitamin supplements
  • Keep a record of your healthy weight

What are the natural ways to maintain the liver health?

Variety of herbs and herbal combinations are used in liver diseases. And you are aware of many different formulations available in the market for liver detox. If we study these formulations, the common herbs used in the formulations are Bhuiamalaki, Kalmegh, Yashtimadhu, Kutaki etc.

These herbs are studied for improve liver functioning, possess anti-oxidant action and protect the liver.

Charak pharma offers a unique formulation for healthy liver with goodness of these herbs, in three different dosage forms marketed as LIVOMYN.

This formulation is clinically tested and ensures protection of liver cells against various toxins. It is an ideal formulation to improve liver function, regulate the bile flow, protects liver from variety of viral infections and helps to rejuvenate the liver.

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