PCOS and COVID -19

Covid -19 infection can affect anyone and the range of severity might range from mild to very severe. Certain conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disorders, anaemia etc are considered to be the risk factors for Covid -19 and hence such patients need special care as they may be more likely to have severe illness as compared to others.

Polycystic ovarian disorder in women is recently gaining attention as an important risk factor for Covid 19 infection. It is not just a disorder of ovaries but a systemic metabolic disorder and hence should be considered as important as a risk factor for Covid -19 as other diseases. The fact that majority of patients having PCOS eventually develop other metabolic disorders like diabetes, obesity, hypertension etc also cannot be ignored. It’s a high time we don’t ignore this disorder considering it limited to reproductive system alone in women.

Moreover, it has also been found that the symptoms of PCOS get worse once you get Covid infection. The chronic inflammation, obesity and insulin resistance in PCOS can lead to toxic build up, in the body affecting the functioning of vital organs. It also leads to secretion of cytokines as an immune response. Getting a Covid -19 infection in such state can further affect the immune response and cause more inflammation in organs like lungs, liver etc.

Take care of following things to avoid Covid -19 infection if you have PCOS:

  • Follow safety measures and maintain hygiene

Safety protocols like use of mask, hand sanitisers, physical distancing etc should be followed with more caution in case you have PCOS.

  • Healthy Diet

A diet rich in antioxidants helps to maintain the health of reproductive system and also enhance immunity. A well balance diet having milk, almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, berries etc helps to balance hormones and also maintain health.

  • Regular exercise

Regular exercise can help control weight, improve metabolism and balance hormones. Cycling, jogging, yoga, dancing, aerobics etc and other such activities help to release the happiness hormones and reduces the stress on reproductive system. It will also help to reduce anxiety and stress in Covid and improve immunity.

  • Herbal help

Certain herbs like Guduchi, Haridra, Karvellak, Amalaki etc help to regularize hormones and reduce insulin resistance in PCOS. They also reduce inflammation and improve immune response.

These and other such herbs are used in the making of Hyponidd, an herbal insulin sensitizer having immune enhancing herbs as well.

A correct diet, lifestyle management and herbal remedies like Hyponidd can help control PCOS and also enhance functioning of immune system thereby reducing the risk of Covid infection.

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