Reclaim your Health Post-Diwali

The beloved festive season has just ended but its after-effects are still prevalent for many. Indulging in desserts, fried snacks, and a bit more than usual alcohol seems to be the norm for celebrating this festival of lights. Whether you are a diabetic, a health-freak, a strictly soup and salad person, or someone with a pre-existing condition like hypertension, chances are you have sneaked in the forbidden food on occasion.

And though these daily night outs and parties with all kinds of food at irregular timings was fun while it lasted, it has now led the way for tummy upsets, gastro-intestinal problems, a slightly bulging belly and the much dreaded –diabetes. In addition, smoke inhalation from the firecrackers seems to have everyone coughing and wheezing! Yet the joy of this festival can’t help but encourage everyone in participating whole-heartedly each year.
But now that you’ve had your fun, the focus needs to be shifted back to your health. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you have to switch to juicing or starve yourself. Just simple ways to balance the calories and rid your body of the toxins.

Easy Tips to Stay Healthy Post-Diwali

Pack in the packaged food and sweets, and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. The anti-oxidants in these foods help the body fight infections and strengthen the immune system, while providing the body overall nutrition. Further, they are rich in fiber which aids digestion and keeps you energetic.
Support your digestion with Ojus syrup/tablet, herbs in Ojus boost the secretions of digestive enzymes to promote healthy digestion and relieves stomach upset.
Make sure to eat some protein in the day as during Diwali one largely tends to indulge in carbohydrates. Protein is great for your muscle and bone strength, keeps your sugar levels balanced and keeps you full longer.

Reset your routine especially if you are a diabetic! Following a regular schedule of meal times, sleep and activity greatly benefits sugar levels and keeps you healthy. Use phtyo-nutritional supplement Nutrabet that helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and provides antioxidant support to fight against diabetes induced oxidative stress.
Get back to your exercise routine to burn off the calories and fat. Along with everything else, even our workout routine gets disrupted in the festive season. However, in areas with excess pollution it is advisable to workout indoors as toxic levels are high. Simply put on your favourite playlist and get grooving or join an indoors gym for the following month or so.
Keep yourself hydrated through the day by drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water. Excess consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol and other diuretic beverages can leave one dehydrated. Also, starting your day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice is great to get rid of the toxins and fight fat!
Diwali is a major festival for Indians and must be celebrated well. Follow these simple tips post the festive season to ensure that a month of celebration doesn’t lead to months of illness!

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