Among many diseases impairing our health and wellness, diabetes is the most common amongst all. Diabetes ruins the happiness of food lovers. People with fear of diabetes completely restrict themselves from sugar and carbohydrate intake. In diabetes, lack of insulin or inefficiency of body cells to take up glucose leads to excess blood glucose levels. Decreased energy generation occurs due to restricted glucose metabolism resulting in fatigue and tiredness. Besides this, diabetic population is at a higher risk of heart diseases, kidney ailments and vascular diseases. Although the causes are many, the prime reasons are obesity, hereditary, unhealthy diet, stress and lack of physical exercise.

People with diabetes have now become proactive, hunting for ways to manage diabetes naturally by net searching or talking to their doctors and nutritionist. We all have heard our grandmas saying “Go to the kitchen and you will find the cure for your illness.” Our cookhouse is a treasure of disease treating, nature-gifted herbs that we have all started appreciating.

Simply follow the ways listed here to control and prevent diabetes naturally:

1. Fortify your diet with Nutraceuticals

Nutrition not only provides energy to perform task but also restores the normal physiological functioning of the body. Unlike modern medicines, the nutritional supplements do not cause side-effects on prolonged use. Nutrabet, a combination of anti-diabetic herbs and micronutrients in optimum concentration, not only normalize the blood glucose levels but also positively affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein, prevents the advancement of diabetes and associated complications.

Some herbs and nutrients that serve as good co-adjuvant with diet and drug therapy in the management of pre-diabetes and diabetes are:
i. Curcuma longa along with Emblica officinalis – plays a role in rebalancing homeostasis, boosting the immune system and nourishing the vital organs in pre-diabetics and diabetics.
ii. Momordica charantia – Lowers sugar level in the blood and promotes healthy metabolic balance to delay and prevent diabetic complications.
iii. Trigonella foenum graecum – supports healthy blood sugar metabolism by protecting and preserving beta cell mass and its insulin secretion functions.
iv. L-carnitine – vitamin-like compound improves insulin sensitivity and has lipid-lowering actions. L-carnitine plays major role in regulation of metabolic functions.
v. Chromium – Chromium promotes normal glucose metabolism by increasing insulin receptors and thereby reducing insulin resistance.
vi. Vitamin E, C – Increased sugar levels lead to oxidative stress due to production of excess free radicals. Vitamin E with Vitamin C provides antioxidant benefit to diabetic patient to inhibit the development of diabetic complications like cataracts and nerve disorders that commonly occur in diabetes. So effective is the IV Vitamin Drip Therapy Near Me in Toronto that it is guaranteed to provide strength to patients.

2. Do not restrict but monitor your diet

Try to balance consumption of food with expenditure of energy. Do eat what you love the most but simultaneously monitor your diet. Approach a balanced and healthy diet by incorporating more of vegetable and fruits. Lower the intake of starch and carbohydrate rich foods. You may succumb to food cravings sometimes, but not in excess.
3. Devote time for exercise

Diabetic complications can be prevented by regular physical exercise. Exercise keeps your heart healthy, helps to lose those extra pounds, improves oxygen intake and lung capacity and promotes normal glucose metabolism.

4. Overcome stress

Stressing out too much can be taxing for your essential organs. Excess stress can increase blood sugar levels. Try to relieve your stress naturally by practicing yoga and meditation daily

To sum up, Nutrabet along with controlled diet, lifestyle modifications and exercise will not hold you back from enjoying your life with pleasure.

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