Strengthen Your Child’s Immunity Naturally

We parents strive to give the best of everything for our children’s upbringing and are always concerned about their health. But however hard we try, we can’t keep them from falling sick. We all wish for a magic wand that shields our kids from infection. Till now, antibiotics were considered as invincible magic bullets to treat all kind of infections. Abuse and overuse of antibiotics have made this so called magic bullet into blunt weapons.

Children are at an increased risk of infections as their immune system is immature and is constantly evolving and developing with time. Besides, diverse factors right from poor nutrition, environmental pollution, increasing number of toxins and radiations in the atmosphere, stress and psychological pressure weaken their immune system. A strong immune system in children helps sustain and fight off the germ exposure, while a weak immunity makes them vulnerable to disease producing organisms. Also, a good immunity developed in childhood plays a crucial role in combating adulthood disease and illness.

Conventional medicines, especially antibiotics, kill germs that attack us, so they are not really immunity boosters in the real sense. While vaccines are specific for the given infections; children may need multiple vaccine shots against innumerable evolving infections. Thus there is a need to look beyond antibiotics and vaccines and to understand that the solution lies in strengthening and enhancing their immunity.

Let’s protect our children against infectious diseases by strengthening and enhancing their immunity with these tips!

Start with good nutrition:

Not only poor nutrition but also over nutrition or obesity significantly impairs the immune system and its functions. A healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains fulfill our nutritional requirement and help boost the immune system. Processed food, sodas, and sweets lack essential nutrients and hamper immune system in kids.

Inculcate healthy habits:

Is your child getting enough sleep? Our kids’ hectic lifestyle deprives their 10 and 14 hours of sleep a day. Research shows that sleep deprivation is linked with health problems including suppressed immune functions. Inculcate the healthy habit of getting early to bed from childhood. Other healthy habits like covering while sneezing, properly washing hands before having meals, after playing outside or using the toilet and other hygiene routines are effective in infection control.

Encourage exercise and play time:

Studies show that regular exercise helps boost the immune system by stimulating disease fighting cells and suppressing the stress hormones. Besides, outdoor play time ensures that your child gets the required amount of sunshine for vitamin D formation, an essential immune-enhancing vitamin. So confiscate your kid’s mobiles and other gaming gadgets, cut down their television time and motivate them to exercise and play outside to promote their health and make them energetic.

Shower love and attention:

Love, affection, care and attention are priceless emotions needed for the child’s overall development. Making kids happier by taking off the stress burden boosts health and strengthens immunity. Spend some quality time with your kids and shower them with love and care.

Boost immune system the natural way:

Antibiotic resistance, weak immunity and repeated bouts of infections are some of the consequences of excessive, unnecessary use of antibiotics. They give symptomatic temporary relief and play no role in developing immunity against disease, so next time when your child has cough, cold, flu, or sore throat choose the natural way to build your child’s immunity with the herbs.

Charak Pharma’s most valued brand Extrammune is a rational herbal immunity enhancer that fights against both bacterial and viral infections. It prevents recurrent infections, strengthens the immune system and restores its balance. It contains not one but many time-tested herbs like Triphala, Guggul, Guduchi, Haridra, Manjistha, Trikatu and Chitrak with immune boosting properties. So, why wait for the next attack of cough and cold? Start Extrammune right away and boost your child’s immunity the natural way.

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