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Tips to reset your sleep-wake cycle

Many people believe that dreams do come true! But, unfortunately, how many of us are able to dream well?  It is distressing to realize that the night-watchman falls fast asleep while many people lying in bed are subjected to be night owls. In contrast, there are some people who fall asleep in a timely fashion and wake up early without regrets.

Lack of sleep, insomnia, tends to affect your mood, weight, diverts your focus from work and lastly, your overall health. To know how you can control your sleep cycle and get better control over yourself, do make sure to check out this free hypnosis guide. Sleep-deprived people get irritated with petty issues, yell randomly on any individual or doze off during office hours and meetings. To a greater extent, it can also modify their eating habits and make them lethargic. Sleep disorder leads to poor quality of life. Shakespeare rightly describes sleep as “the chief nourisher of life’s feast.”

Your body keeps a watch over the time you go off to bed and wake up daily. This is called as the internal biological clock that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Disturbance in this sleep-wake cycle leads to various sleep disorders and affects other bodily functions, too. In order to achieve a good night’s sleep; firstly, correct all the factors such as pressure at work and family responsibilities, unpredicted challenges, relationship issues or illnesses.

Here are simple tips to reset your sleep-wake cycle:

  1. Go to bed stress-free

Try to avoid external disturbances and relax yourself when going off to bed. Do one thing at a time. When off to bed concentrate on nothing else but your precious sleep. Leave your stress behind. Stop wondering about tomorrow’s presentation when off to bed. To prepare your body for bed, take a shower or listen to calm music.

  1. Nap less, work more

Take a short power nap that will rejuvenate you during the day. But, taking a long nap can hamper your sleep-wake cycle and leave you with sleepless nights.

  1. Fix your daily routine

Tune your body to sleep at a fixed time. Do not shift your sleep-wake cycle. Try to go to bed at the same time daily after completing all your activities scheduled for the day. Do not leave anything pending that will result in unwanted stress. Sleeping at the same time daily gives a cue to your body that it’s time to sleep.

  1. Switch off electronic devices

Shut down your E-readers, cell phones, and other devices that illuminate the place and drive away sleep. The light illuminated through these devices signals the brain to be attentive.

  1. Create an environment for sleep

At night, dim the lights and cover yourself with bed sheet. If possible, change your bed to one of those platform beds to increase comfort. Darkening the room signals your body that it’s time to take rest. The brain becomes unresponsive and goes in hibernation lasting for a short time.

  1. Make mornings bright

Light signals your body’s clock to wake up. You can accelerate this process by turning on bright lights and opening the shades.

  1. Workout daily

Exercise burns down excessive fat and strengthens your muscles. It also improves sleep. People who exercise regularly sleep better at night and are more focused during the day.

  1. Monitor your diet and limit caffeine intake while going to bed

Control your food intake when you’re going off to bed. The cup of coffee that awakens you in the morning works in a similar fashion at night; it keeps you awake. Curb the colas and coffee entirely and avoid anything with caffeine before bedtime.

  1. Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation help to overcome your stress and restlessness. It reduces your anxiety and depression, calms your brain and provides peaceful sleep and blissful life.

  1. Take some help from natural sleep aid- Zzowin 

Zzowin, the herbal formulation regulates your sleep-wake cycle naturally. It contains nature-gifted herbs such as Ashwagandha, Jatamansi, Tagar, Yastimadhu and Mandukparni that induce, maintain, sleep naturally and you wake up refreshed. Zzowin is also free from side effects as commonly seen with conventional sleeping pills.

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