Tips To Prevent Infections This Monsoon

Are you tired of the vicious infection cycle doing rounds at your home? Barely one attack has come and gone and is the next one already on its way? The pouring rain opens the gateway passage to host of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Monsoon surrounds us by damp atmosphere, water logging, stagnant water, and overflowing gutters filled with disease causing germs at every nook and corner. Contaminated water, food and mosquito further give rise to common monsoon infections and diseases like typhoid, malaria, dengue and swine flu to be rampant. Germs being omnipresent, infections during monsoon are very common. True, isn’t it? But not anymore! By taking proper care and precautions and strengthening our body’s resistance naturally we can fight off these infections and be healthy. Refer to Gettysburg companies specializing in gutter cleaning for top-notch services.

Here are some tips to prevent infections this monsoon…

Drink pure water: The chances of water contamination are very high during monsoon.The overflowing gutter and other extra polluted water may flow in to the water reservoirs. It is always safe to drink purified water by boiling or filtering to prevent water borne diseases. Don’t rely on the tap water or the packaged water from the stall but always carry water bottle while travelling.

Avoid outside food: Contaminated food is another important cause of diarrhea, dysentery and liver disorders (jaundice) during monsoon. Avoid street foods and cold refrigerated foods to prevent infection. Be cautious while eating uncooked foods and salads. Consume freshly made warm home-cooked food. Always cover your food and prevent it from getting exposed to flies etc. Wash fruits and vegetables properly before cooking.

Protect yourself from rain: We all are thrilled to get soaked in the rain. But constantly getting wet may make us sick. The rain carries dust particles, germs from the air which may gain an entry in our body through wound, broken skin, eyes, nose and mouth causing infections. Getting wet and wearing wet clothes for long lowers the body temperature increasing the chances of bacteria and viruses attack in those with poor immunity. Avoid getting drenched in the first rain, which carries dust particles and harmful pollutants from the air causing skin allergies, irritation and infection. Grab an umbrella, raincoat or run for cover to prevent getting wet in the rain.

Care for feet: Our feet are the most impacted during monsoon. Walking through the filthy waterlogged pavements, puddles, exposes them to fungal and bacterial infections like ringworm, itching, soreness and smelly feet. Prevent fungal infection by keeping your feet dry and dirt free. Avoid wearing wet shoes and socks for long. Ensure proper washing of feet using soap and wipe them dry. Take extra care if you have cracks and abrasions on the feet. Avoid walking barefoot during rainy season, you may catch leptospirosis. Choose open strapped waterproof footwear and wash them clean after every use.

Stay away from mosquitoes: Monsoon provides breeding ground for the mosquitoes causing increase in malaria, dengueand chikangunya epidemic. Protect from mosquito-borne diseases by taking necessary precautions like not allowing the water to stagnate. Use mosquito repellents, nets and wear fully covered clothing to protect against mosquito bites.

Stay hygienic: Practicing good hygienic practices helps prevent monsoon infections. Take a hot water bath after getting soaked in the rain. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly after coming from outside. Use separate towels, hand towels and wash them every day. Use sanitizer when away from home. Wear clean dry clothes to prevent skin infections. Use disinfectant wipes to clean your mobile phones.

Boost defense mechanism of the body naturally with Extrammune, the herbal immunity booster from Charak Pharma. Its ingredients like Haldi, Guduchi, Tulsi and Yastimadhu enhance the body’s defense system by supporting the formation of infection-fighting cells. Other potent herbs like Musta, Pippali, Ativisha and kartatshrungi reinforce resistance against infections especially in children. Extrammune enhances the generation of WBCs thus strengthening body’s self-defense and helpful in preventing recurrent episodes of infections.It is beneficial in reducing the harmfulness of disease-causing bacteria. Extrammune also helps to potentiate the power of antibiotics making them effective.

With these immunity enhancing measures be safe and healthy during monsoon.

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