Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Ease Menopause Discomfort

Menopause is a natural biological process through which a woman ceases to be fertile or menstruate. It is a normal part of life and is not considered a disease or a condition. But the physical symptoms, such as hot flashes, and emotional symptoms of menopause may disrupt your sleep, lower your energy or affect emotional health.

Here are some healthy lifestyle tips to ease menopause discomfort naturally

Eat nutritious food: The hormonal change at this time can severely deplete essential vitamins and minerals in the body. Be sure to consume healthy quantities of fruits and vegetables to replenish the body’s needs. Eat more of phytoestrogen rich foods such as fruits and cruciferous green leafy vegetables like broccoli, brussel, sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. Additionally, include healthy fats like flaxseeds, sunflower and sesame seeds in your diet for heart health. Hydrate and cool your body by drinking plenty of water daily to overcome hot flashes. Avoid dairy products, red meat and pungent foods since they contribute to worsening the menopausal symptoms.

Manage your weight:
Obesity can exacerbate your menopausal symptoms. Avoid sugar, salt, foodstuffs fried in highly-processed vegetable oils, processed and canned foods.

Quit addictions:

Smoking, coffee and alcohol can worsen symptoms and interfere with sleep patterns. Further, it can lead to increased bouts of hot flashes and dry skin. Instead, switch to herbal teas and keep yourself well-hydrated. Avoid carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks deplete the calcium levels deposited in the bones resulting in osteoporosis and bone loss.

Manage your stress:

Prolonged stress can result in anxiety, depression and mood disorders. It is very essential that you manage your stress to avoid emotional eating and weight gain, fatigue, poor sleep and low libido. Stress relieving ways include exercise, yoga and meditation, aromatic bath, spending time with closed ones or nature. Controlling stress can also treat imbalances in hormonal levels naturally.

Exercise daily:
Exercise can help reduce weight, strengthens bones and muscles and overcomes chronic stress. It will also increase your stamina and pain tolerance.

Sleep well:
Adequate sleep can work wonders. It can improve your performance, control your stress and increase energy output. Try to get minimum 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. Sleep and exercise both together prevent aging and age related disorders

Try out herbal supplement EVANOVA NUTRA Tablets:

Natural herbs and supplements can do wonders to ease menopausal symptoms. However, obtaining and processing these herbs the right way isn’t easy. Charak Pharma has combined the goodness of these supplements and others such as Soya and Ginseng in EVANOVA NUTRA. This proprietary formula offers natural menopause treatment, and helps women to cope with occasional stress and discomfort caused during the menopausal stage. In addition to easing hot flashes, insomnia, irritability and fatigue, it also offers significant physical and emotional support during this transitionary period that too without any side-effects.

So follow this simple but yet effective lifestyle modification tips to conquer menopausal symptoms naturally.

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