The ultimate Natural Ways to Beat The Effects Of Air Pollution

Contrary to the belief, air pollution is worst in the summer months. In monsoon, the particulate matter is flushed due to rainfall. During winter, the particulate matter does not suspend because of cold climate and less vehicular emission. It’s the summers which are way too dangerous.

The quality of air has a direct effect on our respiratory health. Air pollution makes us more prone to respiratory symptoms such as cough and, more frequent respiratory infections, of both upper and lower tracts.

Although air pollution can affect children, elderly people, pregnant women, individuals with pre-existing disease etc., basically, we all are at risk. Studies have shown that air pollutants are a threat to human health from as early as in intrauterine life.

We have compiled a list of tips which will help in reducing the risk of health problems, including respiratory diseases. Few tips you must follow are:

Take precautions from air pollution

  • Limit your exposure to pollution
  • Install air-purifiers
  • Wear a mask while going out and keep indoors well-ventilated
  • Plant more trees, keep indoor plants
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Practice yoga
  • Quit smoking

Strengthen the immunity

Strengthening the immune system to fight against the toxins in the air remains the best option. You can do this easily, with the help of herbs, combining a variety of herbs known to strengthen the immune system. Herbs are purely natural; they are safe for young children too. However, herbs, while natural, need to be processed and formulated correctly to be safe and effective for consumption. Charak Pharma, a leading herbal healthcare company, has created unique formulations, in the form of immune boosting supplements, cough syrup and lozenges; these become a perfect kit for healthy respiratory system.

Immune boosting supplements:

Immune system is the natural defense system of our body. However, various environmental factors like air pollution diminish our immunity.

Try EXTRAMMUNE- immune boosting supplements, formulated by Charak Pharma. This herbal formulation consists of ingredients such as Guduchi, Haldi, Tulsi etc. It strengthens the immunity and controls the bacterial infections. Extrammune helps in faster recovery from various infections. It has anti-microbial properties, and is an excellent respiratory tonic.

Cough Syrup and lozenges:

One of the most common problems with air pollution is sore throat and coughing. Try herbal cough syrup and lozenges – KOFOL. KOFOL gets rid of the cough, soothe your throat and does not make you drowsy. Commonly used herbs in Kofol Syrup and Kofol Lozenges are: Yastimadhu, Haridra, Shunthi, Bibhitaki, Vasa etc. These herbs possess expectorant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and relieve the sore throat.

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