Unholy Alliance of Asthma and Allergy? Opt for an Antidote from Ayurveda

Allergy is in the air. Not just the anti-human type we all suffer from in our workplace or during the election campaign, but the real medical type. One with the nose running and eyes watering with a touch of breathlessness thrown in. Or even the more severe form of chest cold that borders on asthma with Frank wheeze and spasm of the airways, enough to rush for immediate medical help. All made worse by the cool clime that is fast setting in, even before you take the woolens out.

Well, you can get an allergy without going into asthma. You can also get asthma without a strong allergic background. But in many cases, the duo happens together to become a menace or even an emergency. The idea is not to let them gang up in the first place. Or at least not let them become a real bother. But that is more easily said than done. So we should know how to tackle them when they do happen.

In asthma, your air passages go into spasm. So breathing becomes difficult. Especially while breathing out. The spasm is a reaction of the air passages to something that they don’t like. It can be a foreign substance (known as allergen), change in humidity, temperature, whatever. When we say whatever, we mean whatever. It could be even an emotional upset. Or just running to catch a bus.

There are complex chemical changes that occur inside our entire body when allergy and asthma strike together. Without going into technical jargon, let us look at what can be done. The best way out is of course not to let anything disturb our air passages. But alas, that is not possible as we have to go about doing our work every day, so the passages are bound to get disturbed every now and then. So what do you do?

Modern medicine offers drugs which relax, dilate or open up the air passages. They are effective no doubt but their effect often diminishes with repeated use. So you increase the dose. But that leads to side effects so you are stuck.

You can take drugs known as steroids, either by oral route or by inhalation. While steroids are very powerful, they are ‘habit forming’ in the sense that you end up taking them every day just to get on with your normal daily work. That is not a happy situation, is it? Steroids also have a whole lot of serious side effects so you would rather stay away from them.

Sounds hopeless? Not really. Charak knows how to tackle allergy and asthma, together or singly. Charak leverages Ayurveda in the cleverest possible manner with the judicious combination of potent herbal medicines and Charak Paddhati Panchakarma which cleanse out your system thoroughly so that your air passages and other body tissues are not easily bothered by the allergy-asthma duo.

The real trick lies in knowing that only air passages are not at fault in asthma, so don’t keep pumping in inhalers all the time. It is like flogging a tired horse. The problem is an all-round one that calls for an all-round attack. This is possible with Charak Paddhati Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments which we have proved time and again. Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment offers holistic or wholesome healing towards both acute and chronic illnesses.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Why not come over to your neighborhood Charak Clinic and find out for yourself? You can even visit to locate nearest Charak Clinic or book an appointment.

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