What causes painful periods and how can you reduce the pain?

period pain


Many women experience painful periods which ranges from mild to severe and affects the quality of life and compromises their day to day activity. Correcting it through Ayurveda or alternative medicine seems like a good idea if the cause is known. Ayurveda has a lot to offer in terms of preventive and curative regimens along with herbal medicine which can be a good period pain tablet without disturbing the hormones.

Let’s know some common causes of period pain

1. Premenstrual syndrome or PMS: periods happen every month due to an interplay of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones can trigger symptoms like fatigue, feeling low and also period pain
2. Uterine fibroids: small muscular growth within the uterine cell wall lead to fibroid formation. Usually common during reproductive years, it settles around menopause. Fibroids can lead to excessive period flow and period
3. Pelvic inflammatory disease: PID is usually due to various bacterial infections and leads to inflammation in the uterus causing painful periods.
4. Endometriosis: An inflammation of the uterus, where endometrial tissue overgrows outside uterus too leading to debilitating period pain and menstrual disorders
5. Adenomyosis: A condition where endometrial tissue grows within the uterine walls causing instense period cramps and heavy flow.

How to deal with period pain?

So all the women suffering from painful periods, here are a few simple and natural tips that can help offer relief from period pain

  • Eat food that reduces inflammation: Just around the time of periods ensure you are eating healthy food rich in flavonoids, healthy fats and minerals like papaya, turmeric, dry ginger, fennel seeds, pumpkin seeds and ghee. Avoid sugars and refined flours and oils. They increase inflammation
  • Hydrate well: Drinking enough water and fluids helps balance the electrolytes reducing the excess cramping. Drinking warm water helps reduce period pain. You can even drink healthy herbal teas like fennel coriander tea or cinnamon and ginger tea to relieve period pain.
  • Skip junk food: Women crave for food rich in sugars and carbs for energy as fatigue sets in. skin the temptation to have junk food like fried, chips, samosas as these increase period pain by causing bloating and gases.
  • Stay away from coffee: Coffee can cause narrowing of blood vessels affecting the uterine flow. Reduce coffee intake for a painfree period.
  • Apply heat: Using hot fomentation around the pelvic area eases muscle cramping, improves blood flow and reduces period pain. It can be done using hot water bags or heat pads, whatever is accessible.
  • Try Simple yoga stretches: Stretching with yoga is also known to reduce period pain. Yoga reduces stress, calms the mind and also improves endorphins the feel good hormones in us which helps in reducing pain and also strengthens the reproductive system. Pawanmuktasana, shwanasana and sukhasana help in reducing period pain.
  • Herbs to heal: herbs like ginger, shatavari, jatamansi are all well-known Ayurveda medicine for period pain and help to improve female fertility. Since individual herbs are difficult to find, it’s better to find an ayurvedic syrup for period pain, like /m2 tone from charak pharma which has 40 plus useful herbs and is clinically tested to improve female hormones and reduce menstrual pain. Period pain tablet of M2 tone can also be tried instead of the syrup.

Ayurveda tips for period pain:

  • Try a full body massage every month to strengthen muscles and reduce vata element, which is known to cause pain
  • Sleep well: Ensuring good night’s sleep reduces stress and keeps hormonal balance which reduces pain.
  • Oiling the belly button: oiling the belly button with sesame or olive oil reduces pain.

Along with it taking ayurvedic syrup for period pain or a period pain tablet under expert guidance from Ayurveda doctor will help completely cure the root cause. Do not ignore period pain and get a thorough examination done to treat the root cause.

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