Which Healthy and Simple Diet you must follow? During Liver Problem.

Liver performs hundreds of functions in our body. One role of liver is to provide energy by storage and release of glycogen. When your liver becomes weak, its ability to store the energy goes down. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the body to use sources of energy like muscles and fat stores.

One of the most common concerns of people is about the diet, what you can include and what you must avoid for liver disorders. Below are some of the dietary recommendations, which will help you make better choices of diet.

  1. High protein diet – Proteins maintain the muscles and body tissues and keeps body working normally. To prevent from muscle and fat loss it is important to include foods in your diet that are high in energy and proteins.

If you are obese- concentrate on high protein diet, rather than binging on sweet and fatty foods.

  1. Liver support supplements – Liver diseases can lead to deficiency of essential nutrients and vitamins. Include a variety of foods which will help in preventing deficiency. Your doctor may recommend some vitamins and minerals in form of liver support supplements depending on your health and body requirement.
  2. Salt and fluid restrictions- This is recommended for chronic liver diseases.

Ever wondered why doctors generally advise to limit the intake of salt and fluids? It is because when your liver is weak, its ability to signal kidneys for excreting the fluids goes down. This can cause retention of fluids; there can be swelling in your feet and collection of fluid around your stomach (ascites).

Just follow healthy and simple diet.

  • Eat every 2-3 hourly small meals, which means 6-8 small meals a day
  • Include milk in your diet- milk is the best source of proteins and energy. To get more proteins and calories, you can also add protein powder to milk
  • Limit salt intake- choose low salt foods. Gradually reduce your salt content over 2-3 weeks.
  • Include foods with high proteins and energy in your diet
  • Foods that can be taken : fruits, fruit juice, oats, wheat, rice, sunflower oil, mayonnaise, milk, cheese, dried legumes, meat, chicken, pork, lamb, fresh fish
  • Avoid foods that contain high amounts of salt.
  • Foods to be avoided: bread and bread products, cakes, butter, peanut butter, biscuits, chips, preserved meat, prawns, tinned legumes, fried food, soda.

Other precautions:

  • Stop alcohol – alcohol is a major cause of the liver diseases
  • Good hygiene practices – wash your hands before and after handling foods, to prevent from contamination
  • Vaccination- for hepatitis A and B
  • Limit your consumption of processed foods – they contain additives and higher salt percentage
  • Practice safe sex – since some of the liver disorders can be spread through blood, semen, vaginal fluids and other body fluids, it is better to practise safe sex. Avoid multiple partners.
  • Protect yourself – do not share your toothbrushes, razors and other personal care items with anyone
  • Limit caffeine intake
  • Stop smoking
  • Exercise –  activity of 30-45 minutes at least for 4 days a week is important. Choose any exercise that you enjoy. Avoid too much of strenuous activity
  • Regular screening and checkups
  • Be careful with tattoos and piercings. If you were to check it out on doctor woo, you’d know that the post-session is equally arduous. Be extra careful and ensure that the place is clean and follow sterilization practices. Ensure that the same needle is not used for two different people.

Follow these instructions for healthy LIVER!

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