Why Go Herbal for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Hormonal disorders and lifestyle ailments have become characteristic features of the new generation. With a lot of young adults succumbing to these concerns.

For women, in particular, an increasing rise of ailments has been witnessed in recent years. One of which is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or as it is commonly known, PCOS.

Being convoluted and hunched over in pain is something every woman with PCOS may have experienced. Not to forget the added embarrassment of facial acne, hair growth and the dreaded weight gain.

This often debilitating condition is caused due to a hormonal imbalance and often brings with it a lot of stigma and negative attention to the woman diagnosed with it.

In India alone, one in every 10 women is diagnosed with PCOS according to a study by PCOS Society.

While several treatment options for this condition may exist, it is the presence of herbal companies like Charak Pharma that have helped women break through these problems and regain their pride with herbal supplements.

Natural solutions offered by this company help a woman regain her confidence and freedom by returning health and vitality to the face, figure and fertility; the common woes of PCOS.

Causes for PCOS:

While there is no exact cause for PCOS specified as of now, doctors have found certain concerns that can increase the risk factor for this condition. These include:

Hereditary factors: A family with a long history of PCOS concerns is likely to pass it on to the child. While this does not mean that the child will surely develop this condition, it does increase the risk for it especially when coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Insulin resistance: This is one of the leading causes for PCOS. In insulin resistance, insulin fails to lower the blood sugar.

This leads to a response in the body to produce extra insulin which in turn triggers the ovaries to produce more male hormones.

Inflammation: Chronic inflammation in the body can lead to excess production of male hormones upsetting the hormonal balance in the woman and resulting in PCOS.

Common symptoms of PCOS

Weight gain: Added weight especially around the abdomen is a major sign of PCOS. Obesity is also a trigger for PCOS and losing weight can help keep the condition in check.

Irregular and heavy periods: A menstrual cycle that seems to have no regular period is symbolic of PCOS. Women may often skip their periods and also suffer from extremely heavy bleeding when they start their cycle.

Facial hair and acne: Increased hair growth on the face and body along with acne is another common indicator of PCOS. In addition, women may notice the hair on the scalp thinning or falling excessively.

Skin blemishes and patches: Dark patches on the skin, especially around the neck and groin area is another symptom of PCOS.

This condition can go undiagnosed for quite a while till the symptoms progress to a severe level. In addition, PCOS can also have a major impact on one’s emotional and physical health and is often linked with depression and infertility.

For a lot of women, treatment is found in the form of birth control pills, strong medication and even anti-diabetic medicines.

These medicines are quite strong and often contain toxic chemicals that harm the body in the long run. Instead. There are several herbs that help restore the hormonal balance naturally and free the woman from these concerns without harmful side-effects.

Going herbal for PCOS

Some of the best herbs for PCOS include:

Aloe: This natural miracle worker is an important treatment aspect for PCOS. It possesses anti-hyperlipidemic activity that help maintain healthy levels of lipids in the body.

In addition, Aloe helps boost insulin sensitivity, regulates blood sugar and fights inflammation related obesity naturally.

Further, it works wonders to alleviate acne and related concerns which are a common concern in this condition.

Cinnamon: This spice is found commonly in every household but rarely are people aware of its benefits in treating PCOS.

This brown spice helps lower blood sugar and enhances insulin absorption in the cells naturally. This allows for improved metabolism and aids weight loss naturally.

Haridra (Curcuma longa): Commonly known as Turmeric, this wondrous spice contains several health benefits especially for women with PCOS. It boosts insulin sensitivity, regulates the metabolism aiding weight loss, and promotes healthy skin and hair.

Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia): This potent herb is ideal to lower blood sugars naturally. It also supports a woman’s emotional health and boosts sexual libido which can be affected with PCOS.

Along with these herbs, women also need a healthy dose of phytomedicines and essential micro-nutrients which may not be available in sufficient levels from the diet.

Promoting freedom from this condition and helping a woman regain her pride. And confidence in herself is Charak with two unique formulations for PCOS – HYPONIDD and CYSTOLIB NUTRA.

These herbal supplements combine a host of complementary herbs and essential nutrients. That help regulate the hormones, boost insulin sensitivity, and promote good overall physical and emotional health without any side-effects.

A healthy lifestyle along with these herbal supplements can help fight the condition and even reverse it.

Lifestyle tips to combat PCOS

Lose weight: Excess weight around the abdomen can further worsen insulin resistance and make it tougher for the body to utilise glucose leading to elevated sugar levels.

Eat a healthy diet: A diet rich in simple carbohydrates and sugar is sure to worsen PCOS exponentially. Instead stick to protein and complex carbs for better health.

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