Herbs At A Glance


Sanskrit name: Shwadanshtra, Trikantak, Chanadruma

Scientific name: Tribulus terrestris

Common name: Puncture vine

Phytoactives: Saponin

Part used: Fruit

Medicinal uses: Urinary stone, Urine incontinence, diabetes, nightfall

Charak products:Addyzoa, Alka-5, Calcury, Prosteez


Sanskrit name: Chatra, Kustumbaru, Vitunnak

Scientific name: Coriandrum sativum

Common name:Coriander

Phytoactives: Coriandrol, λ-Turpinene, α-Pinene

Part used:Root, stem, fruit

Medicinal uses: Vomiting, fever, cough, worms, burning urination

Charak products:Alka-5, Livomyn, Femiplex


Sanskrit name: Darvi, Katankateri, Pachampacha

Scientific name: Berberis aristata

Common name:Indian berberry

Phytoactives: Berberine, Oxyberberine, Berbamine, Aromoline

Part used:Root, stem, fruit

Medicinal uses: Eye and Ear diseases, Liver and spleen diseases, Jaundice

Charak products:Livomyn tablet and syrup, Femiplex tablet and gel


Sanskrit name:Bilwa, Shriphal

Scientific name: Aegle marmelos

Common name:Bel, bael

Phytoactives:Coumarins- marmelosin, marmesin, alkaloids, polysaccharides, carotenoids

Part used:Root, leaf, trunk, fruit and seed

Medicinal uses: Chronic diarrhoea, dysentery, intermittent fever, eye disorders

Charak products:Stop IBS, Autozyme, Ojus, Cytozen


Sanskrit name: Tamalaki, Bahuphala, Bhudhatri

Scientific name: Phyllanthus amarus, Phullanthus niruri

Common name: Gale of the wind

Phytoactives: Phyllanthin, terpenoids, lignans, coumarins

Part used: Leaf, fruit, root, whole plant

Medicinal uses: Jaundice, Hepatitis, Cough

Charak products: Livomyn, Femiplex, Femiforte, M2 tone, Takzema


Sanskrit name- Ashwagandha, Ajagandha, Vajigandha

Scientific name – Withania somnifera

Common name – Indian Ginseng

Phytoactives – Withanolides, Alkaloids

Part used- Root

Medicinal uses- Useful in loss of sleep, low sex drive, weakness, Joint pain and swelling. Useful as rejuvenating, revitalizing general tonic.

Charak products : Addyzoa, Zzowin, Sumenta, Vigomax forte, Pallrywyn


Sanskrit name : Hempushpa, Vanjul, Tamrapallava

Scientific name : Saraca asoca

Common name : Ashoka

Phytoactives : Haematoxylin

Part used : Bark, seed, flower

Medicinal uses : Menorrhagia, Dysmenorrhoea, Leucorrhoea, Melena

Charak Product : M2 tone, Femiplex, Femiforte, Posex forte


Sanskrit name : Amalaki

Scientific name : Emblica officinalis

Common name : Amla

Phytoactives : Ascorbic Acid, Emblicanin A , Emblicanin B, Gallic Acid

Part used : Fruit

Medicinal uses : Useful in Hyperacidity, Cough, Cold, Allergies, Low Immunity.

Charak Product :M2 tone, Femiplex, Femiforte, Posex forte

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