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6 Simple Strategies To Help Improve Sperm Count

Are you amongst those males who dream of becoming a father and have started jotting down parental responsibilities in mind? Or are you amongst those males who are eagerly waiting to hear the first cry of your child or anxiously waiting to hear the word “papa” or “daddy”? But, it is heartbreaking to realize that your dreams cannot turn into reality. You improve sperm count and motility are not supportive in fulfilling your dreams. Many males find it embarrassing to discuss or even find it hard to accept and may feel depressed. Furthermore, not getting a solution to their problem can make them agitated and irritated. They give up on love-making and lose hope from life.

You may be shocked to know that around 1 out of 5 males in India has fertility problems due to low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or abnormal sperm size and shape.

Here are 6 simple strategies to increase your sperm count and health:

1. Avoid bathing in hot water

Exposure to heat reduces sperm production. Bathing in hot water or sitting for long in hot bathtub may increase the temperature of the testicles resulting in suppression of sperm production. Studies have found a strong link between hot water bath and infertility. The temperature of the testicles is 1 to 2 °C lesser than the body’s temperature. This is essential to keep the sperm healthy.

It is best to avoid repeated exposure to activities that may elevate the temperature of the testicles. In addition, tight underwear can keep the testicles from being able to hang and regulate its temperature. Hence tight underwear should be avoided.

2. Don’t keep cell phone in your pocket

Studies have shown that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted from the mobile phone lower sperm count due to the heating of the testicles from the EMF. Hence, do not keep a cell phone in your pocket. Further, avoid placing the laptop computer on your lap as the emitted radio frequency waves may decrease sperm motility.

3. Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol damage sperm. Avoid tobacco and alcohol to improve not only sperm health but also overall health.

4. Have a balanced diet

Diet has a big impact on sperm health and fertility. Food deprivation in men leads to a loss of sex drive and structural changes in reproductive tissue leading to infertility. Poor intake of nutrients has been found to decrease the sperm count and fertility. Eat a healthy diet which is high in protein and low in fats. Eating plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes can help boost fertility. All these are rich in antioxidants that protect the sperm from damage due to free radicals.

5. Exercise regularly

Scientists say that doing at least half an hour of exercise three times a week may boost men’s sperm count. Alternatively, you can also try Yoga. It helps to maintain normal body weight and also relieves stress and anxiety, thereby boosting fertility. But remember an exercise in moderation. Excessive exercise could lower your sperm count indirectly by lowering the amount of testosterone in your body.

6. Have herbs to increase sperm count

There are many natural therapies that have been shown to increase sperm health. Various research studies have proven the efficacy of herbal medicines in increasing sperm count and fertility. The herbs also act as adaptogens which help to nourish the endocrine system to maintain hormone levels for healthy sperm.

Herbs like Shwet Musali, Ashwagandha, Amalaki, Kapikachchhu, Guduchi, Shatavari have been exclusively shown to increase the sperm count and motility. The synergy of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of these herbs help protect sperm during maturation and migration, leading to improved sperm function.  Antioxidants from plant source are always preferred over the synthetic ones. Synthetic antioxidants are known to cause adverse effects in humans while Phyto-antioxidants have multi-faceted health benefits and are readily accepted by the body.

Addyzoa Capsules by Charak Pharma contain these herbs that play a crucial role to improve spermatogenesis (the process of sperm production). Addyzoa capsules improve sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm morphology and also increases semen density. Further, it also minimizes the damage to the sperm cells by its antioxidant property. It is safe and effective.

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